The next day, Aris was up bright and early and ready to depart. She was a little nervous about the whole ordeal about becoming Queen. She understood the details that she had to gather up the 4 princesses of the major Baronies, but she never gave much thought of what she would do when she became Queen. She hadn't even given any thought about what she would do if a princess wouldn't join. Aris assumed it was a formality for the princesses to join, but there was no rule that said they had to. Aris realized that worrying about what may happen wasn't going to change things, so she decided to make the best of whatever the future holds for her.

Soon Aris, her Father, Zandil, Sir Hughant, and Captain Torlane, are gathered at the castle gates. Everyone had gathered to say goodbye to Aris, but as tradition dictated when Aris made the short trek to her craft she had to travel alone and unwatched to symbolize that she was alone in her duty and was prepare to bear the weight of such responsibility.

"Good luck," Sir Hughant says with a smile.

"I know you'll do fine dear," says Zandil.

"I have the utmost confidence in your abilities, Lady Aris," says Captain Torlane firmly.

King Fandorin says solemnly, "I know this all happened so suddenly, but you're a fine and capable young woman and I have faith in you."

"Growing up, I never really thought about being queen, but I'll do all that I can to honor the memories of Aunt Saril and Mother," Aris says with a slowly tightening voice. And with that said they all turned to head back inside as Aris started to head toward the magical craft. As the King was just about inside he made a quick glance over his shoulder and saw Aris traveling down the hill. "She's so like her mother it causes my heart to ache," King Fandorin thinks to himself.
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