In the map room of Castle Zeus, King Fandorin talks with the head of the Zeus Knights, Captain Torlane, about the recent reports of numerous wild animal attacks on peasants that live in villages out on the wilderness fringe of the kingdom.

“Hmm, wild animals typically don’t attack people unless they are starving. Has there been any natural catastrophes that has happened in the area, that would have caused these animals to go hungry,” asked King Fandorin.

“Nothing has happened previously in that area according to my reports, but I’ll follow up on that. There may be something more to this because some of the animals that were described somewhat resemble animals indigent to the area, but from the descriptions they seem to be a unknown variant of animals,” responds Captain Torlane.

“Unknown variant? I though we knew of most of the animals on Zeus? Were could these creatures be coming from,” asked King Fandorin.

“Well there are still large parts of Zeus that haven’t been explored, where these creatures could have come from, but that leaves us the question of what would make these creatures leave their natural habitat and start attacking peasants,” mused Captain Torlane.

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