As Aris steps out of the craft she sees that the two people waiting are the royal guards of Europa. The guards bow to Aris and say, "Welcome to Europa, Welcome Princess Aris of Zeus, heiress to the Kingdom of Zeus and the baronies that orbit."

Aris is a little uncomfortable with the formalities, but she figures it's all about the prim and proper procedure of gathering the 4 princesses of the main baronies.

Aris stands waiting to be led into the castle, but the guards merely look her over for a second.

Aris is about to ask if something is wrong, but the shorter guard speaks up and says, "Forgive me if you feel this is rude of me to say, but even though you are the heiress of Zeus, Castle Europa has a strict dress code and all who enter the castle must heed the dress code. Your attire does not meet the dress code and that must be remedied before you can enter."

Aris, quite puzzled, asks, "Dress code? I didn't realize I should be wearing more formal attire."

"Well not more formal exactly. This code was decreed by Princess Europa herself and cannot be disobeyed," says the taller guard.

"Not to worry though, Princess Europa thought you might not be aware of the code and so she provided suitable garb from her very own wardrobe," says the shorter guard and then magically a folded outfit appears in Aris' hands.

"Th..Thank you," says Aris, still somewhat confused about the whole ordeal. As Aris goes into her craft to change she thinks to herself, "I didn't know a Princess is able to make rules and codes. Hmmph, I need to have a little talk with father about that when I get back."
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