Usagi: Sailor Neomoon
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Usagi:  Sailor Neomoon
Eternal SailorSaturn

The crimson moon Shinku began its departure as the green moon, Midori, began to rise. In a far away galaxy, on a planet called Eternal Night, ten Senshi stood inside Shihaisha Inazuma's home. On the face of every girl was a serious expression conveying the worry and concern each felt. The idea of their Prince being possessed disturbed the Dragon Senshi, while the NeoSenshi were equally disturbed by the thought of their Princess possibly being possessed as well.

"We are getting nowhere fast just standing here," Super Sailor Neojupiter grumbled, pacing anxiously. "We do not have a choice. We are going to have to infiltrate the citadel and rescue them."

Sailorryû Shinku stared at Neojupiter for a moment then shook her head. "It just is not possible. The citadel is the royal family's home for a reason. We will not be able to just walk in like we own the place."

"But," Neojupiter began to reply, looking angry. Quickly, she was cut off by Neomercury.

"Tactically speaking, Sassy has a point. Remember the look of utter surprise on Kurai's face when we appeared in the courtyard? Raimeiko," Neomercury sighed, "this is looking hopeless. I doubt we could penetrate one of the walls even if we all combined our attacks."

Sailorryû Kuro nodded at Neomercury. "As always, Kasumi, you hit the nail on the head. The citadel was constructed from a rare and valuable metal that was mined out of my moon, Kuro, several hundred years ago. We have yet to discover anything that can destroy it. It erodes very, very slowly." The Dragon Senshi wearing black tossed herself down onto the sofa and groaned. "I feel helpless. This feeling... I hate it."

"Come on, Chi." Super Sailor Neovenus held her hand out to Ryû Kuro. "We cannot give up hope now. Something has to be done, and it is our duty as Senshi to protect our prince and princess." She smiled warmly. "I like Kurai. He is a gentle person, and I think he is well-suited to Usagi. I do not want to see him hurt either, especially because it will cause Usagi pain." Her smile widened further as the black-haired girl took her hand and stood again.

This mindless drivel is sickening, Super Sailor Neosaturn thought, dismally. The last thing I want to do is listen to these girls moan about how powerless they are. Hello! The power is right here, fluff heads! I will show them that I can rescue our princess, and I will get us off of this forsaken planet. Determination sparked in the black eyes of Neosaturn, and she held her hand out. Seconds later, the Silence Glaive appeared in her grasp. "I will take care of this, once and for all." Her whisper carried to each girl in the room, chilling them to the bone.

"What are you doing?" Sailorryû Shiro cried.

"Hakai! No!" Super Sailor Neomars screamed and ran towards Neosaturn.

A split second afterward, the front door was thrown open wide, revealing Usagi and Kurai's presences. Each wore a surprised and concerned expression. "What is wrong?" Usagi cried simultaneously as she saw Neosaturn lift the Silence Glaive above her head.

"ARMAGEDDON..." Neosaturn began.


And time froze.

Sailor Neopluto sighed heavily and stepped from the portal she made seconds earlier. Her path led directly to Neosaturn, and she calmly removed the Silence Glaive from the hands of the purple-haired girl. "Come on, Hakai, you are making me a liar. What will Princess Lady Serenity think? She trusts me." Her gold eyes glanced back and forth between the Time Staff and the Silence Glaive. "I look ridiculous now having to hold both of these," she grumbled quietly. Sidestepping, she relinquished control of her power, and time began to flow again.

"RESURRECTION!!" Neosaturn's empty hands came down, and she blinked in surprise. "What the?" Quickly, her gaze focused on Neopluto. "How dare you," she seethed icily.

"Quiet," the NeoSenshi in black replied, lightly bopping Neosaturn on the head with her own Glaive. Neopluto's attention turned away from Neosaturn, just as the other girl began to turn a deep angry crimson. "Oh, Princess Lady Serenity and Prince Kurai..." She walked away from Neosaturn, ignoring the sputtering coming from the purple-haired NeoSenshi. She kneeled on the floor in front of the royal couple, setting the Glaive and Staff down on either side of her. Her head lowered and her eyes closed as she continued, "Forgive me for neglecting my duties. My predecessor awakened Sailor Neosaturn but did not realize her negligence. Awakening an infant who has yet to fully develop her personality and understand her emotions was a grievous error that I can hardly believe she made. The Sailorpluto that you knew apparently had dealt with Hakai's mother when she was an infant." Receiving an affirmative nod of understanding from Usagi, Neopluto went on, "I take full responsibility for Hakai's actions, and soon, I must right the wrong that my former self made."

"What are you talking about?" Neosaturn hissed. Seeing Neopluto stand, holding her Silence Glaive infuriated her. "Give me back my Glaive before I become fully enraged," the NeoSenshi threatened with a look that would freeze fire. "You understand my capabilities. Do not anger me further."

Sailor Neopluto arched an eyebrow and stared at Neosaturn with a hint of disdain. "I am afraid I do not have time to play mommy for you, like my alternate self did for your mother. When you are mature enough to handle your responsibilities as Princess Lady Serenity's guardian, I will speak to you again." Her gold eyes moved over the other Senshi who were gawking at her. "What?" she asked indignantly to no one in particular.

"How did you know what was happening?" a very bewildered Sailorryû Shinku inquired of Sailor Neopluto.

Neopluto turned her head to look in Ryû Shinku's direction, at the same time tossing about her fluffy light green hair. "As the vigilant guardian of Time that I am, I was watching you. Especially Hakai over there. I told my princess that she would not do anything stupid, and well, I had to make sure I kept that promise. This just proves how out of control she is." Smirking, she added, "And I came here to help you perform the Sailor Teleport that you need to go back to Earth."

"S-Sailor Teleport?" Ryû Shiro questioned, wide-eyed. Her attention turned to Kurai. "Do you intend on sending us to Earth?" she inquired, forgetting the situation with the fuming Super Sailor Neosaturn.

Kurai motioned for Usagi to finally step into the house, and he closed the door behind them. His arm unconsciously settled around the princess' slender shoulders, and he nodded. "I do, Otome. We are out of options. Earth will be our temporary refuge." His electric blue eyes met Usagi's red eyes, and the pair shared a loving smile.

At least two guardians of the prince and princess frowned. Super Sailor Neomars and Sailorryû Kuro both found themselves thinking that it was not right for Kurai to take this battle back to planet Earth. Even Usagi was blinded to that fact because of her desire to be with him. However, neither girl said anything, letting the duo have their loving moment and happiness, for now at the very least.

"Good," Sailor Neopluto cut in. She looked around the room thoughtfully then nodded. "Prince Kurai, do you have enough power to take us to Nightfall? The energy we summon could possibly blow this house apart."

He blinked and nodded. "I think I can manage it. We do need to be leaving." The Dragon Senshi crowded him then, and the NeoSenshi did the same. His attention was caught by the unmoving form of Super Sailor Neosaturn, who was still rooted to the spot and flushed scarlet with fury. "Are you not leaving?" he questioned her with a raised eyebrow. "If you do not accompany us, how are you going to get your Glaive back?"

The Prince's psychology worked on Neosaturn. I hate to admit it, but he has a point, her thoughts complained. She sucked in a long breath before nodding in response. "You win," she exhaled and joined the huddled group of Senshi, all the while keeping her eyes locked on her Glaive. Time did awaken me, but I have a purpose! How dare she act like that! Her thoughts continued after the large group changed locations. Ran Meioh, you will regret your actions. Her eyes widened as the gleaming curve of the Silence Glaive was abruptly pointed at her.

"You will join the circle with the others," Neopluto commanded, her attention fixed on Neosaturn. Her head nodded at the Senshi who had begun to form a circle around Usagi and Kurai. She waited until Neosaturn begrudgingly joined the circle then moved over to the couple. "Neo Moon Star, Make-Up, Princess," she reminded with an amused grin.

"R-right!" the flustered princess responded. How could I forget that I have to transform? she asked herself. Embarrassed, she reached for her brooch. "NEO MOON STAR, MAKE-UP!!" Within seconds, Super Sailor Neomoon stood in place of Usagi. "Okay! I am ready now!"

Satisfied, and still amused with her lovesick princess, Sailor Neopluto moved away to join the circle. She tucked the two weapons under her arms and outstretched her hands, taking hold of Super Sailor Neomercury's and Sailorryû Konpeki's hands. To her shock, a warm tingling of power coursed through her.

"Your fuku changed," Ryû Konpeki noted, glancing sidelong at Super Sailor Neopluto.

Neopluto looked down at herself and smiled. "Why so it did," she replied happily. She cleared her throat then and nodded towards Kurai and Neomoon. "The Kuraisuishô and Ginsuishô should fuel our powers and give us the strength to return to Earth."

Kurai looked into Super Sailor Neomoon's sparkling red eyes for several seconds before he leaned close and lightly kissed her lips. "I love you," he whispered to her, and then began to concentrate to make the Kuraisuishô appear.

Super Sailor Neomoon blushed at Kurai's display of affection. How did I survive as long as I have without him? she thought, dreamily. Seeing the Kuraisuishô beginning to appear in his hands, she quickly willed the Ginsuishô to appear. The light and darkness from the crystals met and washed over the Senshi. Briefly, her thoughts strayed to Unmei, and she wondered if the woman was all right. Oh, yes! I need to tell Kurai about her! But first, I need to concentrate on getting home.

Raw energy circled around the Senshi, and each began to glow with her power. Clouds that had gathered began to part, as if to allow the travelers passage. The ground beneath them started shifting, grinding out its message to them to leave. The time was right!



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