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Usagi: Sailor Neomoon

Written By: Eternal SailorSaturn

Note From the Editor

Personally I find with a lot of fan fiction, the authors fail to capture the core concept of the series/story. They don't recognize or utilize the styles and themes that make the show so popular. Instead, they write a story in a different style/tone than what would typically happen in the show. I feel tricked because I like certain shows (like Sailormoon) for their central theme and if you are going to write a story about Sailormoon without the elements that make it Sailormoon then you might as well make it your own story and don't drag Sailormoon into it. It's a bait and switch tactic, and I don't like it. The reason I mention all this is because this story, Usagi: Sailor Neomoon does stay true the core concept of love, honor, duty, responsibility, and friendship. It reads and feels like a true Sailormoon story. It's like I've read it in the manga or saw it on video. In my opinion it's a true fan-fiction of Sailormoon, because the author recognized and used the elements of what make Sailormoon work and use it to create a new and interesting story. So for that reason, and the fact that it's just a good story, Dream Comics presents Usagi: Sailor Neomoon

Dream Comics President

David Doub

If anyone is interested in doing some artwork for the story, the author would greatly appreciate that. You may contact the author about that at Eternal SailorSaturn

copyright David Doub [2002]