Sailor Neomoon - Sailor Neomoon Says!
This is a nod towards my good friend who runs The Sailor Sun Fan Fiction Web Site. He has an amusing column called "Sailor Moon Says" based on the dub of Sailor Moon, as well as his own intelligent humour. If you enjoy the dub, please give his site a looksee. Maybe someday we'll have a crossover. ^_^

And now, without further adieu, I present......

Sailor Neomoon Says!


First off, you need a cast.

Usagi/Sailor Neomoon
Kasumi/Sailor Neomercury
Hanami/Sailor Neovenus
Miya/Sailor Neomars
Raimeiko/Sailor Neojupiter
Kurai/Gentleman Knight


Usagi/Sailor NeomoonHey, we're taking time out of our lives to bring you a moral to our story.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsThere's a moral to our story?
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonHow can you say that, Miya? Of course there is!
Hanami/Sailor NeovenusThe moral is that I'm the most beautiful character, right?
Miya/Sailor NeomarsYou're being vain again, Hanami.
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterWait, wait, the moral is to stay healthy and fit otherwise you can't kick your enemies' butts!
Hanami/Sailor NeovenusDon't you think we should promote love over conflict?
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonI know I do.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsYou don't count, Usagi.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonThat hurts, Miya! You can be a lot like your mom, sometimes.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsDon't ... ever ... say ... that ... again.
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryHey, why is Miya in the corner fuming?
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterUsagi insulted her.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonShe started it!
Hanami/Sailor NeovenusI don't feel the love in here, people!
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryWhy don't you both apologize and get on with the moral of the story?
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonHey Miya.. come on. You don't have to stand in the corner.
Miya/Sailor Neomars...
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonI'm sorry, Miya. I know you have had a tough time with your mom. I didn't mean anything by what I said, okay?
Miya/Sailor NeomarsI'm sorry too, Usagi.
Hanami/Sailor NeovenusAwww, group hug!
Miya/Sailor NeomarsYou're crushing me, Raimeiko!
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterHehe, oops. Sorry, you're just so short though.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonI can breathe again!
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryI'm done with my crossword puzzle so I can help you with the moral of the story, Usagi.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonThanks, Kasumi. Now, as I have been trying to say, the moral of the story is --
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryWork crossword puzzles.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsHow is that a good moral?
Hanami/Sailor NeovenusSeriously. What do you learn from that?
Kasumi/Sailor Neomercury5 letter cat... hmm that would be a tiger.
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterHoi. Is she even listening?
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonYou guys! You keep interrupting me! *sob* I wish Kurai was here!
Kurai/Gentleman KnightYou called?
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonKurai! My saviour!
Kurai/Gentleman KnightWell, I wasn't going to show up because you were talking about morals and such. On my planet, people get executed for having those.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsI hope he's joking.
Hanami/Sailor NeovenusHow can you tell if he's joking?
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterGood question.
Kurai/Gentleman KnightI can hear you, you realize.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonDon't mind them, my love. Just keep them quiet long enough for me to tell the moral of the story! The moral of the story is -- why are you covering your ears, Kurai?
Kurai/Gentleman KnightI told you. It's heresy to have morals on Eternal Night.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsIs he joking yet?
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterI think I saw his eyebrows twitch.
Kurai/Gentleman KnightI can still hear you.
Hanami/Sailor NeovenusI thought your ears were covered.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonHey, how did you hear me too?
Kurai/Gentleman KnightCovering my ears doesn't make me deaf!
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonEek! Sorry, I'll just whisper the moral then. Okay kids, the moral of the story is --
Miya/Sailor NeomarsPersonally, I think the moral is to not alienate your kids.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonWill you let me finish?! That's it! NEO MOON POWER, MAKE-UP!!
Hanami/Sailor NeovenusRun!
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonSailor Neomoon says: The moral of the story is to always get in the last word!

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