Sailor Neomoon - Sailor Neomoon Says!
This is a nod towards my good friend who runs The Sailor Sun Fan Fiction Web Site. He has an amusing column called "Sailor Moon Says" based on the dub of Sailor Moon, as well as his own intelligent humour. If you enjoy the dub, please give his site a looksee. Maybe someday we'll have a crossover. ^_^

And now, without further adieu, I present......

Sailor Neomoon Says!


First off, you need a cast.

Usagi/Sailor Neomoon
Kasumi/Sailor Neomercury
Miya/Sailor Neomars
Raimeiko/Sailor Neojupiter
Kurai/Gentleman Knight
Hotohori ... ?!?!
Hanami/Sailor Neovenus
On strike..


Hotohori ... ?!?!So this is the world of Suzaku no Miko... Fascinating.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonWe're only letting you hang out with us until we find Hanami. Don't forget that!
Miya/Sailor Neomars......
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterMiya, you can wipe the drool off your chin and get that silly look off your face already. It's unbecoming.
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryLogically speaking, there are few places that Hanami would go. She might have gone to our favourite hang out for a parfait.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonShe does enjoy chocolate when she's depressed..
Kurai/Gentleman KnightChocolate?
Hotohori ... ?!?!Even I know what chocolate is.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonYou've never had chocolate, Kurai?
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryJudging from his blank expression, Princess, that would be a no. Perhaps you should explain what it is?
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonIt's a dessert on our planet. It's a tasty treat! Just don't feed it to dogs.
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterMiya, pull yourself together already!
Miya/Sailor NeomarsHow is it possible... men are not meant to be so beautiful...
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterI seem to remember you saying that you could appreciate a good "bishie". So apparently some of them are, now snap out of it before your drool lands on him.
Hotohori ... ?!?!You're such a lovely young lady, Miya. The sadness I felt for not being in my world was replaced by the warmth of your appreciation of my beauty.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonAnd the author wants you to be more like that, Kurai?
Kurai/Gentleman KnightI'm hoping she wants me to be more romantic.
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryRomantic without angst is good.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonYeah, no one likes that whole "I love you, but I can't be with you" then "No, we will be together" only to be replaced 5 minutes later by "but, no! We can't be together" stuff.
Kurai/Gentleman KnightI'm under the impression that your friend will be further infuriated to learn you had a long talk about love without her presence.
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterD'oh!
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonThat's right, we're looking for Hanami. Hey, Kasumi, do you have your mom's computer from when she was Sailormercury?
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryThe information in it is outdated. When she needs it upgraded, she asks me to work on it.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonNo way!
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryI have a photographic memory. Did I not mention that before? So all the information in her 486 is in my head.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsDoes the computer know who the hottest man on the planet is?
Kurai/Gentleman KnightThank you, Miya.
Hotohori ... ?!?!I do believe she was making a reference to me.
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterI'm glad I have Toshiharu now. These two are starting to make me ill.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonWhat's wrong with Kurai?
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryOther than his sudden vanity?
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonOther than his sudden vanity.
Raimeiko/Sailor Neojupiter...Hey is that Hanami?
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonWhere?! Hanami!!
Kurai/Gentleman KnightShe's just distracting you to keep from answering the question, my love.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsHotohori..
Hotohori ... ?!?!Miya..
Miya/Sailor NeomarsHotohori..
Hotohori ... ?!?!Miya..?
Miya/Sailor NeomarsHotohori..
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryWill you two shut up already?!? Stop rubbing it in that I don't have a boyfriend!
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonAre those crickets I hear?
Kurai/Gentleman KnightI could swear that I just saw a tumbleweed blow by.
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterEh, Kasumi, do you have issues that need resolving?
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryI..I'm sorry. I don't know why I had an outburst like that. Please forgive me.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonHey maybe Kurai can set you up with someone from his planet.
Kurai/Gentleman KnightI know a lonely fellow who is cursed with lycanthropy.
Hotohori ... ?!?!He jests, surely.
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterHe has to be. There's a vein popping out on his forehead.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsHis butt is tense too.
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryMIYA!
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonSailor Neomoon says: Stop checking out my beloved!! (and happy holidays!)

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