Sailor Neomoon - Sailor Neomoon Says!
This is a nod towards my good friend who runs The Sailor Sun Fan Fiction Web Site. He has an amusing column called "Sailor Moon Says" based on the dub of Sailor Moon, as well as his own intelligent humour. If you enjoy the dub, please give his site a looksee. Maybe someday we'll have a crossover. ^_^

And now, without further adieu, I present......

Sailor Neomoon Says!


First off, you need a cast.

Usagi/Sailor Neomoon
Kasumi/Sailor Neomercury
Miya/Sailor Neomars
Raimeiko/Sailor Neojupiter
Kurai/Gentleman Knight
Hotohori ... ?!?!
Hanami/Sailor Neovenus
On strike..


Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterWe've been searching for hours. I'm beginning to think that Hanami isn't just pouting.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonWe can't give up now, Raimeiko!
Kurai/Gentleman KnightPerhaps we should ask more people to help us.
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryThat's a great idea, Kurai. We can cover more ground with more eyes.
Hotohori ... ?!?!I remember all the searching I had to do for Suzaku no Miko. She ran away from us a lot.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonWere you mean to her?
Kurai/Gentleman KnightAh, a girl who plays hard to get...
Miya/Sailor NeomarsSounds like she was flighty and irresponsible to me.
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterGreen isn't your colour, Miya. You are being jealous.
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryShe stuck her tongue out at Raimeiko.. we really are falling apart at the seams.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonAha! Look! Someone we can ask for help!
ToshiharuHey everyone! ... Who are these two guys?
Hotohori ... ?!?!Who are you?
Kurai/Gentleman KnightI'm Kurai.
ToshiharuYou are?
Hotohori ... ?!?!He is.
Kurai/Gentleman KnightI am. Who are you?
Hotohori ... ?!?!Emperor Saihitei, the Suzaku shichi Seishi, Hotohori.
ToshiharuYou're an Emperor?!
Kurai/Gentleman KnightHe is.
Hotohori ... ?!?!I am.
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterToshiharu! Long time no see!
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonWhy are you blushing, Toshiharu? No wait, here's a better question. Why are you blushing, Raimeiko?
Kurai/Gentleman KnightSo he is Toshiharu.
Hotohori ... ?!?!He is.
ToshiharuI am.
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryI think the running gag can end now. It's just not funny.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsToshiharu, we need your help. Hanami has run away.
ToshiharuWhy on earth would she do that?
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterThe author is being lazy and hasn't written a special chapter for her yet.
ToshiharuI can see how that would upset her. She is full of vanity.
Kurai/Gentleman KnightHow does he know so much about women?
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryHis parents are lesbians.
Hotohori ... ?!?!I thought Yui was a lesbian once..
Miya/Sailor NeomarsThey adopted him, Kurai.
Kurai/Gentleman KnightAh, thank you for the answer to the question I couldn't bring myself to ask.
ToshiharuWhere all have you looked for Hanami?
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonThe palace, the arcade, our favourite hang-outs, the park...
Miya/Sailor NeomarsPractically everywhere.
ToshiharuIndeed, it sounds like you have been all over the city.
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryEven I have run out of ideas.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonI know! Let's ask Ran for help!
Kurai/Gentleman KnightWho is Ran?
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterErr, yeah, Usagi. Who is Ran?
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonOh, I forgot. None of you have met her yet. She can probably help us.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsIf you insist..
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoTada! I heard you calling me.
Hotohori ... ?!?!IEEE
Miya/Sailor NeomarsWoah, he lost his cool! Ran must be really special!
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoHeehee! Bingo!
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryWhy do I sense trouble on our horizon, Usagi?
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonSailor Neomoon says: Um, yeah. Oops.

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