Sailor Neomoon - Sailor Neomoon Says!
This is a nod towards my good friend who runs The Sailor Sun Fan Fiction Web Site. He has an amusing column called "Sailor Moon Says" based on the dub of Sailor Moon, as well as his own intelligent humour. If you enjoy the dub, please give his site a looksee. Maybe someday we'll have a crossover. ^_^

And now, without further adieu, I present......

Sailor Neomoon Says!


First off, you need a cast.

Usagi/Sailor Neomoon
Kasumi/Sailor Neomercury
Miya/Sailor Neomars
Raimeiko/Sailor Neojupiter
Hanami/Sailor Neovenus
Kurai/Gentleman Knight
Ran/Sailor Neopluto
Hotohori ... ?!?!
Hanami/Sailor Neovenus
On strike..


Ran/Sailor NeoplutoI now return you to your regularly scheduled wackiness, already in progress.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsSo you're the infamous Ran.
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoCorrect. I am Ran Meioh. I am Sailor Neopluto.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonRan, we need help finding Hanami.
Hotohori ... ?!?!Her hair is so fluffy.
ToshiharuShe looks like Mana.
Kurai/Gentleman KnightWho's Mana?
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterMana is a visual kei guitarist. The only difference is that he usually wears blue wigs.
Hotohori ... ?!?!That fluffy green hair is a wig?!
Kurai/Gentleman KnightWow, it looks so real.
Ran/Sailor Neopluto...
Hotohori ... ?!?!Hold on, does that mean Ran is a MAN also?!?! Is it possible? That silken skin.. the curves.. the --
Miya/Sailor NeomarsAhh! Did you have to hit him so hard?
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoOops, I think I dented the Time Staff.
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryPrincess, remind me again why we have enlisted her help..
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonThis isn't quite going the way I expected.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsHotohori-sama! Can you speak? How many fingers am I holding up? Speak to me!
Hotohori ... ?!?!kage ga nobiru yuugure ni genjitsu o yobisamasu yoru no toiki ni tomadoi wo kesenakute
Miya/Sailor NeomarsAHHHH! He's speaking Japanese! And he's from ancient China!!!
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterDummy, we're speaking Japanese also, and he probably learned from that Suzaku no Miko chick.
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryActually, I speak ancient Chinese, and I've been translating for you this whole time, you realize.
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoThis is so exciting! Stuff like this never happens at the Gates of Time!
Kurai/Gentleman KnightStuff like this doesn't happen on Eternal Night either..
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonOh no! Are you homesick, my love?
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryI don't have a boyfriend and I'm perfectly comfortable with that!!!
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoI don't have a boyfriend either. William Wallace and I are just casual acquaintances.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsYou mean, like the guy from Braveheart?
ToshiharuThat's incredible..
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoThat's correct, Miya. I am the guardian of time. I can go to any time period I want and begin a relationship. He just happens to be a friend.
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterWho else have you met?
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoCleopatra, John Lennon, Benjamin Franklin, Queen Victoria, and Emperor Meiji.
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryAll fascinating people in their own right.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsI wish I could go back in time and get dance lessons from the greats.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonPeople, we have forgotten our mission! We have to find Hanami!
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoOh yeah, I know where she is.
Kurai/Gentleman KnightWhy didn't you say so sooner?
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoBecause the situation is a little sensitive. She's with Hakai.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonSailor Neosaturn?!
Miya/Sailor NeomarsWhy on earth would she be with Hakai?
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoI would assume that she wants Hakai to destroy the planet. I think it's safe to say that Hanami's feelings are hurt.
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryThat's an understatement.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonWe have to do something!!
ToshiharuThis is a little out of my league. I think I'll go try to find help.
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterTake care, Toshiharu..
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoI see your romance is blossoming nicely. You have my blessings.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsHmm so Raimeiko has a boyfriend. No wonder Kasumi keeps outbursting.
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryOh quiet you. At least I am not in love with a character in a book.
Kurai/Gentleman KnightWe're all characters in a story though.
Miya/Sailor NeomarsYeah!
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryI think it's worse to be a fictional character in love with a character from a totally different book!
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterOoh that's a good burn, Kasumi. Hehe.
Hakai/Sailor NeosaturnSailor Neosaturn says: ARMAGEDDON RESURRECTION!! (just kidding!)

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