Sailor Neomoon - Sailor Neomoon Says!
This is a nod towards my good friend who runs The Sailor Sun Fan Fiction Web Site. He has an amusing column called "Sailor Moon Says" based on the dub of Sailor Moon, as well as his own intelligent humour. If you enjoy the dub, please give his site a looksee. Maybe someday we'll have a crossover. ^_^

And now, without further adieu, I present......

Sailor Neomoon Says!


First off, you need a cast.

Usagi/Sailor Neomoon
Kasumi/Sailor Neomercury
Miya/Sailor Neomars
Raimeiko/Sailor Neojupiter
Hanami/Sailor Neovenus
Kurai/Gentleman Knight
Ran/Sailor Neopluto
Hotohori ... ?!?!
Hanami/Sailor Neovenus
On strike..


Ran/Sailor NeoplutoDuring our unexpected two weeks off, we have moved on over to where Hakai is just to speed things up.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonWho are you talking to, Ran?
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoI'm narrating for the readers!
Miya/Sailor NeomarsIt's an important job.
Hotohori ... ?!?!That's what we had Taiitsukun for.
Kurai/Gentleman KnightPerhaps you should transform. We will be dealing with Hakai. I remember the feel of those bats still.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonI'll rub your chest for you, Kurai!
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterKeep your hands to yourself, Princess.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonRaimeiko is no fun.
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoI suppose I will take the initiative then. You're in for a treat, kids! My first transformation scene!
Miya/Sailor NeomarsMARS STAR POWER, MAKE-UP!!
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoSpotlight thief! NEO PLUTO POWER, MAKE-UP!!
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryMERCURY STAR POWER, MAKE-UP!!
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterJUPITER STAR POWER, MAKE-UP!!
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonDon't forget me! NEO MOON STAR, MAKE-UP!!
Hotohori ... ?!?!I don't transform. Whee!
Kurai/Gentleman KnightI don't either. And I don't say "Whee".
Hakai/Sailor NeosaturnSo you've finally arrived, my fellow NeoSenshi.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonGive Hanami back to us, Hakai!
Hakai/Sailor NeosaturnI'm not holding her hostage.
Hotohori ... ?!?!Can you ask her to speak up? I can't hear all that whispering.
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoStay out of this, already!
Kurai/Gentleman KnightPerhaps this can be settled peacefully if you just let them talk to Hanami..
Hakai/Sailor NeosaturnIt's you again. Didn't I say I wouldn't go easy on you if I saw you again?
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryNo, you didn't.
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoShe meant to.
Hakai/Sailor NeosaturnSATURN STAR POWER, MAKE-UP!!
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterThis doesn't look good.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonPlease, Super Sailor Neosaturn! Let us talk to Hanami!
Hakai/Sailor NeosaturnShe wants me to destroy the world! I was planning on doing it anyway but actually having the blessings of a NeoSenshi felt kinda good.
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryWhat good will it do to destroy the world? Do you honestly think people won't make the same mistakes they have throughout history?
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoIf that's really a concern, I could take you back through time to right all the wrongs..
Miya/Sailor NeomarsNow's not the time for that, Pluto!
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoI can make it the time though, you see.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonWhere is Hanami?
Hakai/Sailor NeosaturnShe's standing right there.
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryHanami!
Hotohori ... ?!?!Between the whisperer and the mute, I'm never going to get the whole story, am I?
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterButt out, already!
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonHanami? Why won't you talk to us? We can work this out!
Hakai/Sailor NeosaturnEven I remember that she said she wasn't talking until she got her own chapter.
Kurai/Gentleman KnightThis selfishness needs to end, here and now. How can you be so concerned only about yourself?! You're not even an Aries!
Miya/Sailor NeomarsWhat's wrong with us Ariens? Tsk, you like taking care of us and you know it.
Hotohori ... ?!?!You're an Aries too? It's a small world.
Ran/Sailor NeoplutoAhem ladies, stop getting sidetracked.
Hotohori ... ?!?!L-lady?
Kasumi/Sailor NeomercuryAhem, I agree with Kurai. Hanami, we've known you a long time, and you spread love, not selfishness. Come on, we need you.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonWe love you, Hanami!
Miya/Sailor NeomarsActually, the people who signed the guestbook prefer Hakai and Kurai. I guess to get some loving around here your name has to end in 'ai'.
Raimeiko/Sailor NeojupiterSheesh, Miya, get a grip. .... I'm loved by the author's husband, so nyah.
Hakai/Sailor NeosaturnI told you I wasn't holding her against her will. Does anyone ever listen to me? Noooooo. And before you say something, girly man, it's not because I whisper.
Usagi/Sailor NeomoonSailor Neomoon says: We're not giving up on you Hanami!

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