Usagi: Sailor Neomoon
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Usagi:  Sailor Neomoon
Eternal SailorSaturn

In the flying citadel high above Crystal Tokyo...

Prince Kurai appeared in the throne room to his fatherís citadel. "Father!" he demanded, looking cross. "We must talk."

King Akuma shifted on his throne and looked upon his son with amusement. "Suddenly you think yourself worthy to address me in such a manner, boy? I will speak with you when I am ready."

"No, we will discuss the attacks on Crystal Tokyo now," Kurai insisted, getting even more angry. "These are good people. Yes, a few of them might have been involved in Motherís death, but we cannot harbor resentment for them forever! Can we not resolve our issues with a peace conference?"

The Kingís own eyes flared with rage. "I doubt you could envision this, but the life of your mate being extinguished well before her time, widowing her husband, leaving her child motherless. Can you picture that in your mind and not feel anger?"

Kurai felt a pang. Usagi... If my sweet Sailor Neomoon was killed in one of these attacks, I would kill whoever di... He lowered his head. "I understand, Father," he reluctantly admitted, his voice soft and calm again. "Are you certain there is not any other way?"

The King shook his head. "No," he replied flatly.

Prince Kurai turned and walked out of the throne room with nothing left to say. I am going to hear the other side of this story before I allow myself to be filled with rage, he promised himself. As he departed, he passed Nikushimi, who gave him a big grin. "Nikushimi," Kurai began with annoyance. "You are to stop attacking Crystal Tokyo immediately until I get to the bottom of the matter and hear what the others involved have to say. Is that understood?"

Nikushimi frowned. "Of course, Prince Kurai," he murmured and watched the other man walk away. Turning quickly, Nikushimi went into the throne room. He bowed before King Akuma before speaking quietly. "My king, is it your wish as well that I cease the attack on Crystal Tokyo?"

"My wish as well?" The Kingís eyebrow rose as he looked upon his servant.

"The Prince has told me to stop the attack."

"Oh has he? Nikushimi, you take orders from me and me alone. Is that understood?" After receiving an affirmative nod, the King leaned back in his throne, thinking. "What do you suppose has gotten into my son?" he inquired.

A twisted grin appeared on Nikushimiís face. "I think those NeoSenshi have played with his mind, my king. He was in their company earlier."

This made the king unhappy, and he scowled. "He should not be chasing skirts. We are in the middle of a war here!" King Akuma snarled, making his servant flinch. "The Senshi will pay with their lives for murdering my wife! So here is what we will do..."


Several days later in Crystal Tokyo....

Neo Queen Serenity found herself standing on a veranda in the early spring afternoon. She had watched her daughter wander the palace in a daze, and it was starting to make her laugh as she recalled how she poured orange juice in her rice the day before. Even with the length of time that has passed since her birth, it will always seem like it was only yesterday. She has grown up so fast, she thought.

Her head tilted slightly as she watched Ami and Kasumi walk away from the palace towards a field nearby. A tiny frown crept onto her face, and her blue eyes continued watching them until she could vaguely see them in the distance. They have Hakai with them. Haruka and Michiru warned me about Hotaruís daughter. If she awakens as Sailor Neosaturn, we wonít have Sailorpluto to stop her this time. Maybe I should relocate her from the Gates of Time to the palace...but she would be breaking the taboo. This is such a dilemma.


"Hello, Love," the Queen replied as Endymionís arms slipped around her.

He leaned down and softly kissed her temple before whispering in her ear. "It is a little early for stargazing, you know..."

"I only wish I was stargazing. I am watching Ami and Kasumi because they took Hakai out of the palace with them." She nodded her head slightly in their direction out in the field.

The Kingís sharp eyes looked over his wifeís head. He could barely see Kasumiís back as she moved out of his vision. Maybe theyíre playing hide and seek? he reasoned. He turned Serenity around and stared down into her eyes. "Love, I know you are worried after the warning we got from Michiru and Haruka. Ami is a very capable woman, and you know that. When did you stop believing in her?"

"I never stopped!" she insisted. She leaned in closer and rested her cheek against his chest. "My power is great, but can I stop Sailor Neosaturn? If she awakens, that means the enemy is far more powerful than we initially believed. That would mean they were such a threat that she would have to destroy the planet to rid us of them!"

He frowned and rubbed her bare shoulders. "I think you are going to get ulcers if you keep worrying about what has not happened yet. The NeoSenshi are not as strong as the Senshi were when Sailorsaturn awakened, I will give you that." The King paused to divert his attention back to the field. It is really foggy over there. That can only be Sailor Neomercuryís Mist Veil.

Serenity felt her husbandís body tense, and she looked up at him, noting the almost worried expression on his face. Her head swiveled to look over her shoulder. She frowned and at the same time, they both asked, "Was that a howl?" She almost wanted to laugh, but she knew something was wrong. "We need to tell the girls."

Endymion nodded, and they both took off, moving swiftly throughout the palace in search of the girls. But they were not there.


At the exact same moment, all the other girls felt a pang then the warmth of a new Senshi being born. Who it was, they did not know, but they sensed Sailor Neomercury was in danger. They transformed and quickly ran to where they thought she was. Sailor Neomoon was the first to skid to a halt when her sparkly red eyes fell upon Sailor Neosaturn. She knew the symbol of Saturn all too well. Watching her best friend turn into Sailorsaturn and attempt to destroy their world was something she had never forgotten. The others, however, did not know what was in store for them.

Sailor Neovenus stepped forward. "Who are you?" she asked with a smile. "Are you here to help us fight?"

Once more, the whispery voice of Sailor Neosaturn introduced herself. "I am the NeoSenshi of Silence and resurrection, Sailor Neosaturn. Yes, I am here to help you fight. Up there..." She pointed towards the sky with a gloved finger. " where our enemy hides. We will send them back to the planet on which they belong and terrorize ours no longer."

Sailor Neomercury and Neomoon were not as thrilled by Neosaturnís words like Neojupiter, Neomars, and Neovenus were. They still knew Neosaturnís destructive capabilities. "Neosaturn, who are you?" Neomars asked.

"I am Hakai, Hotaruís daughter. Time has declared that I awaken and assist your fight. Come together now. We will strike a blow against our enemy that they are not prepared for." She outstretched her hands.

Sailor Neomoon was wary. The others reached out and started forming a circle by grasping hands. She needed an excuse to not join the circle without angering Sailor Neosaturn. "Wait! We cannot just leave Ami laying here," she cried, pointing at the woman crumpled on the ground.

"We will take her back to the palace," the King said as he and Serenity moved towards the NeoSenshi.

Serenityís eyes widened as she saw Sailor Neosaturn. So it has happened... It is a turning point in the war, she thought grimly. She watched her husband help Ami to her feet then focused her eyes on her daughter. Watch her... She should not be a threat to our world as long as she does not possess the Silence Glaive.

Sailor Neomoon nodded to the message from her mother then joined the circle. The NeoSenshi concentrated and moments later they disappeared. They found themselves standing in the courtyard outside of a large castle. "Where are we?" she asked.

"This citadel is flying high above Crystal Tokyo," Sailor Neosaturn answered. "It is the enemyís base of operations. We must make our attack."

The massive double doors opened, and standing on the other side was Kurai. His blue eyes went wide as he saw the group of NeoSenshi standing there. "H-how did you get here?" he asked, astonished.

Before any of them could answer, Sailor Neosaturn stepped forward. "Now is the time for retribution, and you shall be the first to pay for your actions against Crystal Tokyo." By the time it sunk in to the other NeoSenshi, it was too late to stop her. "REAPER TIDINGS!!" A swarm of black bats appeared and melded into the shape of the grim reaper wielding a large scythe. It brought the scythe down on the prince of Eternal Night, sending a spray of blood over the NeoSenshi.

As the warm crimson droplets splashed onto Sailor Neomoon, she squeezed her eyes shut and screamed with the pain she felt deep in her soul. "KURAI!!"


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