Usagi: Sailor Neomoon
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Usagi:  Sailor Neomoon
Eternal SailorSaturn

"Hakai, please stop crying..."

Leave it to an unhappy baby to remind me why I love animals. I tried for fifteen minutes to get this baby to quiet down, but nothing worked. I held her, checked her diaper, tried to give her a bottle, hummed, and made silly faces. Ever since her mom dropped her off with me to watch, she has just continued to howl nonstop.

"Kasumi, are you killing her?"

I turned and looked at my mother standing in the doorway to my room. The feeling of relief that washed over me was overwhelming. I hurried to her and passed the baby over. Almost immediately, Hakaiís crying ceased. I felt my shoulders droop as my mother chuckled. "Honey, do not let it trouble you. Babies can be picky about who holds them."

I gazed at the dark-haired baby for a moment before moving away. "I still do not understand why Hotaru wanted me to watch her baby. Usagi would have been a much better choice - everyone loves her. Plus, Hotaru is her best friend." I flopped down on my bed and sighed.

Hakai cooed in my momís arms. "I think Hotaru wanted you to watch Hakai because you are so smart. Would you not want to let someone rub off some of that intelligence on your baby?" She smiled warmly at me.

"Well, when you put it that way, she probably chose me because you are a doctor," I replied sourly.

"Kasumi, come on now. You are a lot more cheerful than this. Hakai is just teething, that is all. How could you know that without having intimate knowledge of babies?" She moved closer to me and looked down at me with concern. "Is something troubling you?"

I bit my lip. Of course the intuitive Sailormercury would be able to pick up on my state of unhappiness. "It is silly," I insisted.

"Come on."

"I have been worried. What if I am alone, and I am attacked? I do not have an offensive power like the other NeoSenshi do."

"That is a valid concern. Sometimes though it is not how powerful your attacks are, but how powerful your mind is. I did not have an offensive power for a long time when I first started out as a Senshi. Many of Neo Queen Serenityís powers were not offensive either when she was Sailormoon, and she and I managed to hold our own." She smiled before continuing. "Trust your instinct. You would be amazed how much it helps. And do not be too hasty. The NeoSenshi will sense if you are in danger."

I had to admit that her advice helped. It put my mind at ease. "Thank you, Mom," I said, sitting up. Her hand reached out and brushed my hair behind my ear. She suggested that we take Hakai for a walk, to which I agreed.

I suppose I should say a little something about myself since I have been sharing this story. I am Kasumi, otherwise known as Sailor Neomercury. I am the NeoSenshi of love and intelligence. I have been told that I am smarter than my mom is, which is an accomplishment since she is a genius. Because of my love of animals and her being a doctor, I am striving to be a veterinarian.

One of my favourite activities is to work crossword puzzles. I can typically complete 500 in a week if I am not out saving Crystal Tokyo with the other NeoSenshi. Crossword puzzles have the capability of keeping the mind sharp. They will be all the rage in schools one day, I predict.

Tee-hee. I am kidding.

So, hmm, what else should I say? My favourite colour is periwinkle. I am not so bad at sports, particularly softball. I also am good with computers. If I had a weakness, it would have to be dealing with others. Apparently, I was not blessed with natural charisma. I am not much of a "people person". It is not that I do not care about others, I just have a hard time communicating with them. I can only assume that is where my love of animals comes from and why I spend a lot of my time in solitary activities.

We set out, walking through a large field of grass near the palace. Hakai gurgled happily in my motherís arms, and I trailed behind by a couple steps. I had a picnic basket packed hastily by Makoto and a blanket to sit on. We found a nice spot to spread the blanket out, and we sat down. I was starting to feel a little more comfortable with Hotaruís daughter around even though she still howled whenever I came near her.

"Honey, can I ask something?" Mom looked at me as she ate her sandwich.


"Why is it that you do not feel comfortable around others? Is it because I spend so much time away at the office and your father is out on an emissary mission?"

I did not want to hurt her feelings, but she had always taught me that honesty was the best policy. "That could possibly be a reason," I admitted quietly. "I was just so used to being on my own that it is a hard habit for me to break, but my friends are helping." I smiled. That seemed to put my mom at ease.

"It is a beautiful day to be a victim."

I looked up towards the voice, startled. Floating in the air near us was Nikushimi. My fear was coming true. I was alone to fight. This caused me to pause, something I would always regret.

A blast of negative energy hit my mother square in the back as she placed herself in front of me, the selfless act of a mother. She collapsed by me, looking dead. A wicked laugh came out of Nikushimi, and I glared at him. "You will not get away with this!" I threatened.

"Oh, but I just did! Have fun playing with Isha-san." He waved all cutesy at me before disappearing.

I gritted my teeth. I had to help mom, but I needed to make sure Hakai would be okay. I picked her up, and thankfully she did not go nuts as she was sleeping. I started to run, seeing a tree several yards away. I set her down by the tree and turned, pulling my transformation pen from my pocket.


Once transformed, I had Mother, no, Isha-san, waiting for me. I moved halfway back to her. It hurt me deep inside to see her like that. But I was not going to back down. "The NeoSenshi of love and intelligence, Sailor Neomercury, will be your opponent!"

"Oh ho ho ho ho! Is that so?" Isha-san laughed at me. "Well, try this on for size. DOCTORíS SHOT!!" A barrage of syringes flew at me, and I narrowly leapt out of the way. "Oh? Was that not fun, Sailor Neomercury? Let us try this then! DOCTORíS TENDER LOVING CARE!!" Big black hearts started falling from the sky, which had me scrambling to get out of their path.

Damn, I am getting closer to Hakai. I have to do something! My hand clenched into a fist. "My turn, Isha-san! MIST VEIL!!" Rolling mist fogged over the area, and I moved swiftly towards Isha-san.

"Oh ho ho ho ho! This will not work on me. BUBBLE BOOM!!" A huge bubble exploded in front of me, sending me flying backwards with a shriek. The explosion also dispersed the mist so she could see me sprawled on the ground. "Giving up already, Sailor Neomercury? You are no threat to me!"

That was the straw that broke the camelís back. I picked myself up, feeling anger. It is incredibly hard to make me lose my temper, but at that moment I was seeing red. No! I was not going to let my mother stay like that! I was not going to let harm come to Hakai! "I was just getting warmed up! MIST VEIL..." I could hear her laughter as she thought I was trying the same trick again. "...WOLF!!" A howl came from the mist, and it all gathered into the form of a wolf. It ran at Isha-san and raked her with its claws before dispersing.

Isha-san let out a cry of pain and looked at me with surprise. The last thing I wanted to do was attack my mother, but I was running out of options. "That was not nice! Did your mother not teach you any manners?! Ultimate attack! DOCTORíS INCISION!!"

Lacerations were left all over me after being hit by what looked and felt like hundreds of scalpels that came racing towards me. I screamed in pain and fell back, trying to ignore the stinging cuts. I picked myself up slowly, only for Isha-san to unleash another assault of scalpels. It sent me reeling again. Both my body and fuku were sliced up , and I was having a hard time finding my inner strength. I did not think things could get worse.

Isha-san could only laugh at me. Hakaiís sudden crying, however, made her stop. "Oh ho ho ho ho! Watch what I do to this baby, Sailor Neomercury!" She left me lying wounded to stalk the defenseless Hakai.

"No! Mom, stop!" I screamed. I had to get up. By the time I had, Isha-san was only a few steps from Hakai. "No!" I ran towards them, ignoring the pain in my body. She cannot hurt Hakai! I believe in you, Mom! I almost stopped in my tracks as a silvery-hued purple light shone in my eyes, but I spurred myself on forward. I leapt onto Isha-sanís back, sending both her and I tumbling away from the tree and Hakai. I looked back over my shoulder to see where the light was coming from, and I nearly went into shock. It was Hakaiís forehead glowing.

The baby hovered up into the air, and the glowing symbol on her forehead grew brighter. I felt my breath caught in my throat as I looked on. The light grew too bright, and I averted my eyes. I stole a glance at Isha-san, and she was out cold. My attention diverted as I saw movement from the corner of my eye. What have I done? repeated over and over in my mind. If I had just said no to Hotaru, things would not have turned out the way they had.

Two shiny vinyl-like platform boots stepped out from the light. I looked up higher, seeing a fuku. A Senshi! The light faded, and I realized the symbol on this girlís forehead was the same as Hakaiís. That symbol... It is of the planet Saturn! What has been unleashed on us all?

"The NeoSenshi of Silence and resurrection has awakened... Sailor Neosaturn," she said in a whispery soft voice. Her cold black eyes fixed on me before she leaned down and touched my mother. I could feel the negative energy within her being released. She straightened and continued in the same voice. "You will require my help in the battle ahead, Sailor Neomercury. Your possessed mother did not trigger my awakening - Time did."

Somehow, that did not make me feel better.


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