Usagi: Sailor Neomoon
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Usagi:  Sailor Neomoon
Eternal SailorSaturn

Upon reaching Eternal Night, Kurai looked at the Senshi sitting in his room. A faint frown crossed his face and he shook his head. "You will want to be inconspicuous on my planet. Dressed as you are now, you surely will draw attention."

The Senshi looked at themselves. Indeed, they did stand out like sore thumbs. Their transformations melted away, and it took a few seconds for all of them to realize that Hakai was standing there totally in the buff. Having not had time to learn shame, she merely looked over her new, grown body. Kurai, the gentleman he was, averted his gaze, and even though they did not like her, Hanami and Raimeiko stepped in front of her and threw their arms out.

"Kurai, do you have something Hakai can wear?" Usagi asked, her face burning red.

"Gather close," he murmured in reply. Raimeiko pulled Hakai closer to Kurai and when he could nearly wrap his arms around them all, they disappeared from the room. Reappearing in the back room of what looked like a clothing store, he stepped away and held a finger up to his lips to silently tell them to not make a sound. He moved from the room, and the girls could faintly hear the sound of his voice speaking to someone.

"Wow, look at these clothes!" Hanami whispered softly, staring with wide eyes at the clothing surrounding them. The other girls looked around, noting that there was not any clothing in the room that had colour! There were blacks, whites, and grays, along with the fabrics of velvet, satin, silk, vinyl, leather, lace, and PVC. It would seem, to them, that they just popped into gothic heaven.

Kurai moved back into the room, respectfully keeping his gaze well away from Hakai. Trailing after him was a girl with glossy black hair pulled into small, double buns on either side of her head. As she looked at the girls, she felt a strange pang deep in her soul, but she ignored it. "This is Chi Sanno. She works here and will let you have some clothes so you will fit in with us." Chi smiled faintly.

The girls looked at Chi, and they too felt that same strange pang. Their eyes glanced between themselves, confirming that each of them felt it. "Thank you," Usagi finally said quietly. "My name is Usagi, and this is Miya, Hanami, Hakai, Raimeiko, and Kasumi." Her hand motioned to each of the others respectively.

Chi's gray eyes moved about to each of the other females before she smiled. "Please, go ahead and pick out an outfit. I owe Prince Kurai a favour, and we agreed that we will be even after this." She winked and tugged Kurai out of the room with her so the girls could change.

Hakai looked over the room, deciding that she should scope this planet out first before dropping the Glaive on it. If the threat was great enough, she would do what she had to do, but so far, she had not felt any hostility. She began to search through the clothing, eventually finding some undergarments and some simple clothing. As she dressed, the other changed clothes as well.

Usagi's eyes nearly bugged out of her head as she looked at Hanami's outfit. "Hanami! Do you not think that is showing too much skin?"

The aspiring model twirled and posed for her audience. "Huh? Well, maybe. A model cannot turn down a job because of the clothes." Hanami's voice dropped to a whisper. "Besides, my mom is not here to see it so I might as well enjoy it while I can!"

Miya frowned. "Are you sure we will fit in like this? I feel like I am at a bad costume party. After all, how long are we going to be here?"

Usagi set her hand on Miya's shoulder and gave her a sympathetic look. "Just think of it as being on vacation. I am sure it will not be long. We should talk to Kurai and see how long it will be before we can return home."

They moved to the door and stepped out. A rogue-like grin appeared on Kurai's face as he drank in the sight of all the girls. "You look splendid, all of you."

Chi seemed pleased as well. "Yes, you do look beautiful." She turned to Kurai. "Prince, I am going to close up shop early so I can help you. I know you want to return these girls to their planet, correct?" She glanced at Usagi and smiled her reassurance after seeing the Princess' worried expression.

"Chi, you are a life saver. Thank you. Will you assemble the others and meet us on the cliff? We can talk more openly there." Kurai seemed very relieved.

"Of course. See you soon." The teenager waved cheerfully as her prince and the six foreigners left the shop. She closed the door behind them and locked it. Leaning her back against the door, Chi looked up at the ceiling. This is a problem, she thought as a worried expression slowly appeared on her face. After a moment, she pushed herself away from the door and moved swiftly into the back room. Picking up a device similar to a telephone, her fingertip touched a button with an inverted triangle, and she said into the receiver, "Inazuma residence, please."


As they walked towards the outskirts of the large city, Usagi and the others had the opportunity to see exactly what the environment was that Kurai had been raised in. The buildings seemed old with gothic architecture. If she had not known better, she would have thought she was in old London. The air smelled a bit strange - like mold and simply age. The sky was overcast, and the drizzling rain had no end in sight. Only being out of the shop for ten minutes made the princess feel depressed.

"How gloomy," Hanami whispered quietly to Raimeiko, who shot her back a warning look.

"Be quiet! We do not want to offend Kurai," she whispered back.

"I rather like it," Hakai offered, making both of the girls stare at her in surprise. They did not know that the girl with purple hair had been listening in on their conversation.

Kasumi turned around. "Like what?"

Raimeiko inclined her head towards Usagi and widened her eyes. "Nothing. We will talk about it later," she whispered.

Miya, who had been trailing along minding her own business, sniffed and looked away with a hint of disgust. "It is hardly polite to whisper about others behind their backs."

This caught Usagi's attention, and she peered suspiciously over her shoulder at her friends before leaning close to Kurai's ear. "I am sorry if you have been listening to them. They do like you Kurai."

His blue eyes glanced towards Usagi, and he brushed her hand with his. "No worries," he murmured back.

She nodded and continued to casually look at the people as she passed them. They seemed gaunt and pale, and they all wore the same clothing that the girls did. They respectfully kept their eyes away from their Prince, which meant they did not look at the Earth girls either. Usagi's eyes drifted to the buildings and felt the same depression. Gothic architecture with gargoyles perched threateningly atop buildings, lightning rods, and lots of stone and iron was everywhere she looked. Kurai, she thought. How did you manage to turn out the way you did?

The trip lasted about a half-hour before they took a brief hike up to the cliff. Kurai turned to look back at his companions before spreading his arms with a bright smile. "Ladies, this is my home away from home. Whenever I would feel lonely, I would come to this cliff and look out over the city below, and it felt like they were all with me. This point is called Nightfall, and I welcome you."

Curiously, Usagi inched towards the edge and looked out. The city below was merely lights in the fog that had rolled in as they were leaving, but several of the taller buildings were still visible. It was peaceful and seemed, to her, like a great place for lovers to be alone. She moved back away from the edge to a safer point and smiled. "I love it, Kurai."

He did not respond, however. His gaze was locked on the area they had just walked up. The others, seeing this, turned and followed his gaze. The sight greeting them made Raimeiko take a defensive stance while the others gathered closer to Usagi.

Five Senshi walked up the path and stood not more than 20 feet from the NeoSenshi. Their bodices looked like iridescent scales and on their foreheads were black seven-pointed stars. Each wore a different colour - red, black, blue, green, and white, respectively. The one wearing blue stepped forward. "Move away from our prince," she ordered venomously.

"Sailorryû Konpeki," Kurai murmured, looking unhappy.

The NeoSenshi stared in amazement. It did make sense for there to be Senshi on Eternal Night, but they did not expect to see any! Usagi looked around the heads of the shorter Hanami, Miya, and Kasumi. "We do not mean your prince any harm-"

"Silence!" she ordered again. She took another step forward. "You are external from our system, and the Dragon Senshi will not take this threat lightly!"

"Dragon Senshi?" Raimeiko questioned.

Narrowing her eyes, Sailorryû Konpeki explained, "There are five moons orbiting Eternal Night - Shinku, Kuro, Midori, Konpeki, and Shiro. We Dragon Senshi protect not only those moons, but this planet and our Prince as well." She scowled. "Leave here at once!"

"Sailorryû Konpeki, this has gone far enough," Kurai insisted, but his words fell on deaf ears.

"Move away from our prince!" she demanded again.

"Kurai," Usagi began, looking at him with desperation. The last thing she wanted was to further the war between their planets, but the Dragon Senshi were making the peace efforts in vain.

"You asked for it then! CHAIN LIGHTNING!!" Sailorryû Konpeki's fingertips crackled with electricity before an arc of blue lightning jumped out towards the NeoSenshi, making them dodge in different directions. The Dragon Senshi wearing black widened her eyes and looked away unhappily while the others seemed indifferent.

"Do not expect us to go easy on you," Hakai answered, her dark eyes narrowing. The silvery hued symbol of Saturn appeared on her forehead briefly before she transformed into Sailor Neosaturn. With the exception of Usagi, the other NeoSenshi followed her lead, having had enough of the Dragon Senshi wearing blue.

"For love and intelligence," Sailor Neomercury began.

"For love and courage," said Sailorvenus.

"For love and spirituality," said Sailor Neomars.

"For love and strength," said Sailor Neojupiter.

"For Crystal Tokyo and our princess, we will not forgive you," Sailor Neosaturn finished.

As a stare down between the NeoSenshi and the Dragon Senshi commenced, Kurai and Usagi could only look at each other helplessly. Their defenders had minds of their own, and it did not look like anything they could do would bring peace.


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