Usagi: Sailor Neomoon
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Usagi:  Sailor Neomoon
Eternal SailorSaturn

Usagi stared almost helplessly as the NeoSenshi and Dragon Senshi stared each other down. She looked to Kurai, who appeared just as helpless as her. Quietly, she told him, "Kurai, Sailor Neosaturn now has the Silence Glaive. If she uses it, she can destroy your planet. We have to do something! The Dragon Senshi might force her hand unknowingly."

Kurai flinched and turned his electric blue eyes towards the NeoSenshi wearing purple and gray. He gritted his teeth, trying to figure out a way to stop her without having her attack him once more. The last thing he wanted to do was cause Usagi pain ever again. But even as he watched, it was Sailor Neosaturn who struck first.

Holding the Silence Glaive out in front of herself, Sailor Neosaturn narrowed her eyes. In her whispery voice, she declared, "I defend my princess against threats external to our solar system. While the other NeoSenshi are busy fighting for love and justice, I will be your opponent! SILENCE GLAIVE..." She watched the Dragon Senshi drop into defensive stances. "FRIGHT!!" Purple beams of energy outstretched from the tip of the glaive towards the Dragon Senshi. Each time they dodged, the beams would fork and follow. Much to Neosaturn's disappointment and aggravation, none of the beams touched any of the Dragon Senshi.

"How dare you!" Sailorryû Midori yelled at Neosaturn. "POISON VAPORS!!" A dense cloud of sickly green gas filled the immediate area around the NeoSenshi.

"MIST VEIL!!" Sailor Neomercury countered, dispersing the cloud with her attack. The cloud and the fog cleared quickly.

"We did not want to fight you, but you are leaving us no choice," Sailor Neovenus informed the Dragon Senshi. "Be prepared! DAZZLING RAY!!" A gold ray of light shot from her fingertip, striking the green Dragon Senshi in the eye.

Ryû Midori fell backwards, clutching her face. "I cannot see!" she shrieked. This enraged the crimson Dragon Senshi who lifted her hands then.

"HEAT WAVE!!" Scorching hot heat encircled Sailor Neovenus, who cried out in agony. The other NeoSenshi could not get close to her because of the intensity of the heat. Finally it faded, and Neovenus dropped to the ground. Her skin looked like a cooked lobster, bright red and covered in sweat.

"Kurai, I am sorry! I cannot take this anymore!" Usagi reached for her brooch. "NEO MOON POWER, MAKE UP!!" Transformed into Sailor Neomoon, she turned to the assembled Senshi. "Hold it right there! I am the pretty, sailor-suited NeoSenshi of love and justice, Sailor Neomoon!"

"Sailor Neomoon, stay out of this," Sailor Neojupiter insisted. "There is no reason for you to get hurt!"

"No, let her get involved," the petite Sailorryû Shiro purred. "We are powerful enough to crush you all, even when outnumbered." She ran away a couple yards before letting out a scream that turned into a roar as her body grew. It was only a couple of seconds before a huge white dragon towered over all of the Senshi. She inhaled a deep breath then released a blast of arctic cold air at Sailor Neomoon.

Sailor Neojupiter, always quick on her feet, ran at her princess and shoved her out of the way. Taking the attack square in the chest, her hands curled into fists just before she was encased in ice.

Sailor Neomars looked alarmed. Raimeiko! The shortest NeoSenshi turned to the white dragon. "HOLY BLAZE!!" She answered Ryû Shiro's attack with the flames of Mars. The dragon roared and fell over. By the time she hit the ground, Sailorryû Shiro looked human again.

"Neojupiter!" Sailor Neomoon screamed and got up, ignoring the pain in her hip where she fell on the ground. "No more!" Her gloved hands gathered at her brooch as the Ginsuishô appeared. "NEO HEALTH RESTORATION!!" Pure white light shot out towards Sailor Neojupiter, melting the ice away. The light moved to Sailor Neovenus, returning her appearance to normal. Then the light moved to Sailorryû Midori, healing her eyes. Lastly, the light went to Sailorryû Shiro to heal her wounds.

The healing light of the Ginsuishô faded although it continued to sparkle and cast natural light over the Senshi. They stopped attacking each other as their eyes fixed on the princess of Crystal Tokyo. The eyes of the NeoSenshi widened as a darker glow melded with the Ginsuishô's light. The Dragon Senshi immediately dropped onto one knee and bowed in Sailor Neomoon's direction, confusing her. She glanced over her shoulder and gasped.

In Kurai's hands was a crystal as brilliant as Sailor Neomoon's. "Dragon Senshi," he began in a strong, authoritative voice. "The glow of the Kuraisuishô is cast over you. Remember the person that you serve and protect. I.." He paused as the glow from both crystals combined.

In the presence of the Ginsuishô and Kuraisuishô the NeoSenshi changed. Their tiaras disappeared and their symbols appeared on their foreheads. Their fukus melted and reappeared slightly different. They now had three layered clear sleeves and their earrings turned into tiny dangling stars. Their gloves now resembled Sailor Neovenus' by only reaching their wrists. Their symbols appeared on their chokers and the gems holding their front bows in place. Their back bows lengthened, falling nearly to their knees. The only thing that did not change was their footwear.

"I feel it... an evolution in our power. We are Super NeoSenshi," Super Sailor Neomoon declared. The others nodded in agreement. As the Ginsuishô disappeared, she looked to the Dragon Senshi. "Dragon Senshi, I can understand how protective you are of your prince. We are not here to harm Kurai. It is quite the opposite, in fact. We are trying to find peace between our planets." She stepped closer to them and smiled. "I would like to be friends with you, if you would allow me to be."

Sailorryû Konpeki crossed her arms and turned her nose up. Obviously, she was very headstrong, and she had made her mind up already about the NeoSenshi. Her jaw dropped as Sailorryû Kuro stepped forward and grasped Neomoon's hand. "What are you doing?" Ryû Konpeki barked with annoyance.

"I like them," was Sailorryû Kuro's reply. "And I can see how much our prince does. We should trust them."

Sailorryû Midori and Sailorryû Shiro nodded in agreement. "Super Sailor Neomoon did heal us, Konpeki," Ryû Midori pointed out. "I do not see why we cannot get along while they are on our planet."

Sailorryû Shinku was the last to speak. She took her time examining the NeoSenshi, noting particularly how Super Sailor Neosaturn fumed much like Sailorryû Konpeki. She laughed softly. "They have charm. Indeed, I like them too."

The assembled Senshi shook hands and shared a grin. Reluctantly, Sailorryû Konpeki and Neosaturn stepped towards one another. The tension between them was electrifying the air, and for a split second it did not look like they were going to show a sign of union. Their hands met, each squeezing tightly with a display of machismo. It is a start, Super Sailor Neomoon thought, keeping alert eyes on the pair. The tension relaxed once they stepped away from one another, and with the will to fight gone, all the Senshis' transformations melted away.

Miya gasped. "Chi!" Indeed, Chi was Ryû Kuro. The Earth girls looked surprised to see her standing there. In return, she smiled bashfully.

"Everyone, this is Kumo Dokuno," Chi introduced, motioning to the taller Sailorryû Midori. Going down the line to her left, she continued with Sailorryû Shinku. "Sasayaki Netsuno and Shihaisha Inazuma." The Dragon Senshi leader still stood with her arms crossed between Sasayaki and Sailorryû Shiro. "And Otome Shimo."

The NeoSenshi introduced themselves before Kurai moved up beside Shihaisha. "I know you are unhappy, but I must ask you for a favour. These girls need a safe haven while I check on my father's status. Protect them and make sure they are well hidden. As soon as possible, we need to return them to their planet." Shihaisha stared at the ground defiantly several seconds before finally nodding her head in agreement. "I knew I could rely on you," he murmured to her. He flashed his rogue-like grin over his shoulder to Usagi then disappeared.


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