Usagi: Sailor Neomoon
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Usagi:  Sailor Neomoon
Eternal SailorSaturn

As the magenta light engulfed the princess of Crystal Tokyo, she felt its warmth envelop her. Soon, Usagi was floating through the hazy, warped atmosphere, moving towards the Gate of Time that she knew Sailorpluto would be standing in front of. Puu, she thought, we have not seen each other in a long time. I hope you are doing well.

Usagi's gaze flickered around her as a growing sensation of uneasiness formed in the pit of her stomach. Something does not seem right somehow, she noted. Her feet finally touched down on a hard surface that she could not see beneath the lingering gray fog. She walked for a long time until she finally saw the Gate in the distance. Overjoyed, she spurred herself forward and broke into a run.

A calm voice filled the void, drowning out Usagi's footsteps. "Do not take a step closer."

Confused, Usagi stopped running. Whose voice is that? she questioned silently. I have a bad feeling about this... She could hear footsteps coming towards her, and she stiffened defensively. The Time Staff appeared first from the fog. Expecting to see Sailorpluto holding it, Usagi relaxed, however momentarily, as she saw who had possession of the Staff.

"I am not surprised that you do not recognize me, Princess Lady Serenity." An amused expression appeared on the girl's face. She adjusted her gloved grip on the Staff, leaning it on her shoulder. "I am Sailor Neopluto. The Sailorpluto that you know was destroyed in the temporal distortion that sent you to the future. I was born from her." She did appear to somewhat resemble Sailorpluto. Her hair was light green and pulled into fluffy pigtails on either side of her head. Her bangs swept over her face from the right to the left, almost hiding the silver tiara with a black gem beneath. She wore a fuku with a black collar, choker, skirt, and dress shoes. Gold bows and thigh-high stockings completed her fuku. Her eyes, also gold, stared at the princess of Crystal Tokyo.

"Puu, I mean Sailorpluto has been destroyed?" Usagi was shocked. Her dearest friend gone... was it possible? The proof was Sailor Neopluto standing in Sailorpluto's place and holding the Staff topped with the Garnet Orb. She felt numb.

"I am sorry to be the one to inform you, Princess Lady Serenity," Sailor Neopluto replied quietly. Her feet shuffled as the tension in the air made her feel as though she was being strangled. She opened her mouth to speak, but Usagi cut her off.

"If you were born from her, that means some of Puu's personality is in you. What is your name?"

Sailor Neopluto blinked, feeling her cheeks redden. "Well," she began. "As Sailorpluto faded from existence and I faded in to replace her, she called me Ran. I suppose Ran is my name. Ran Meioh."

A faint smile appeared on Usagi's face. "I am glad to meet you, Ran. Unfortunately, our meeting must be a short one as I have to return to Eternal Night to make sure my friends are all right."

"Ah, yes, of course." Sailor Neopluto turned and began walking away. "Thankfully, very few lives were scrambled by the usage of the temporal distortion. Not only can that distortion send someone to a random place and time, but it can affect random people and alter their realities. In a sense, you could consider me to be Sailorpluto from an alternate reality."

Usagi's eyes widened. Puu must have known. Why else would she have named Ran? She hurriedly followed behind Sailor Neopluto until the pair was standing before the Gate of Time. "Can the distortion be destroyed without harming anyone else?" she inquired.

Sailor Neopluto tapped a finger against her chin, looking thoughtful. "I suppose it is possible. One would have to counter the effects of the distortion with another distortion." Her voice drifted off as she continued thinking for a few minutes. Her eyes widened, and she abruptly turned to Usagi. "Princess Lady Serenity, please do not scold me for abandoning my post, but I must accompany you to Eternal Night so I can take care of the distortion!"

Usagi chuckled, beaming at Sailor Neopluto. "I will not scold you. Something must be done about it! I will be happy to have the company. I only hope that Shihaisha has not harmed the other NeoSenshi." Her hand clenched into a fist. "Something has to be done about her too. I do not think she is necessarily malicious, but perhaps fiercely loyal?"

"They are okay. We must hurry though." Sailor Neopluto motioned to the Gate with her Staff, and the intricately carved double doors slowly swung open. "We must hurry," she repeated. Usagi nodded, and the pair walked through the Gate.


Shihaisha beamed at her handiwork. That takes care of one thorn in my side, she thought, almost feeling giddy. I do not see what my prince sees in her anyway. I am a far superior choice over her. Aloud, she said, "Farewell, Sailor Neomoon. I will be sure to give Kurai your regards."

"That will not be necessary, Shihaisha. I can give them to him myself."

Shihaisha whirled around and gasped as her dark blue eyes fell upon Usagi and an unknown NeoSenshi. How can this be? she seethed internally. She went into the temporal distortion! Even my own parents did not return from it!

Sailor Neopluto stepped forward and wrapped both of her hands around the Time Staff. "TIME-SPACE..." The Staff pointed towards the crackling ball of temporal energy hovering several feet from her. "SEAL!!" The Garnet Orb atop the Time Staff cast a warm reddish light around the room as thunder rumbled outside. Shihaisha recoiled and fled towards the door while Usagi stayed behind to witness the destruction of the distortion.

The two forces of temporal energy met and the purple electricity moving through the black globe intensified, shooting out and striking random points in the room, leaving behind blackened scorch marks. A light sheen of sweat appeared on Sailor Neopluto's forehead, and she glanced at Usagi. "Please! Use your Ginsuishô!" The light cast from the Garnet Orb began to flicker and was slowly fading, losing ground to the growing globe of darkness..

Usagi nodded affirmatively. "Right!" Her hands moved to either side of her brooch as she willed the Ginsuishô to appear. "Please, Ginsuishô! Help Sailor Neopluto destroy this temporal distortion!" The pure white light of the Ginsuishô mingled with the red glow of the Garnet Orb. The pink light encircled the orb, suppressing the purple lightning. Finally, the light pierced the darkness and the energy contained within dispersed. The light faded and Sailor Neopluto and Usagi were alone in the empty basement.

"We did it!" Usagi exclaimed in relief. She smiled. "I must thank you, Sailor Neopluto. Who knows how many lives were disrupted by the distortion, but no more shall be now."

Sailor Neopluto wiped her brow and sighed. "Whew, that was exhausting. Thank you for your help, Princess Lady Serenity. I will return to watching the Gate of Time now. Please take care of yourself and rejoin with the other NeoSenshi."

"Wait!" Usagi outstretched her hand and clasped onto Neopluto's shoulder. "Please," she quickly added. Seeing the NeoSenshi pause and look at her inquisitively, Usagi continued, "If we must stop Sailor Neosaturn from destroying any planets, will you help us?"

Looking alarmed, Sailor Neopluto considered the princess' words carefully. "Princess Lady Serenity," she began, "Sailor Neosaturn will not use Armageddon Resurrection. It is true that my former counterpart, Sailorpluto, did awaken her, but it was not to destroy the world." She paused then shook her head. "I should not reveal more than this to you. You should trust her, though. Although she wields the Silence Glaive, she wields it in your name and defense. She is your strongest guardian."

Usagi seemed surprised, and she nodded slowly. "Thank you," she said once more. "I will take that into consideration." She stepped back and watched Sailor Neopluto produce a key before she returned to the Gate of Time. Ran Meioh, she pondered. Will the NeoSenshi need her help one day?


Ran Meioh - Dark King Orchid

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