Usagi: Sailor Neomoon
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Usagi:  Sailor Neomoon
Eternal SailorSaturn


Just as Sailor Neomoon was about to begin her attack, five bandages shot out from the mummy and wrapped tightly around each of the Senshi. They all cried out from the pain of their constricting bonds. But the pain was brief, and seconds later they felt the bandages loosen slightly. Instead of finding freedom from their bonds, though, the kaibutsu lifted the Senshi off the ground and hurled them through the plate glass window next to the double doors of the palace. They landed in jumbled heaps as glass rained down on them.

Akui appeared from thin air and focused her steel gray eyes on the scene. "This should please the Lord. You have done well for a kaibutsu. Make sure you finish the job. Kill the King and Queen.. and their daughter." She arrogantly tossed her thick dark green tresses off her shoulder then turned and faded from view.

Things were looking grim for the Senshi, and as the kaibutsu turned towards their limp bodies, it appeared that Lady Luck was not on their side that day........

Until Selene and the girls ran out into the foyer. "Oh no!" Selene cried. She skirted around the Senshi, eyes wide and brimming with tears. She collapsed beside Sailor Neomoon as her body shuddered with sobs. "What can I do? I don't have experience as a fighter like my parents and sister!"

Kasumi picked the sobbing feline up and gently stroked her gray fur. "Do not give up, Selene. There has to be something we can do!"

"Kasumi's right," Raimeiko agreed, watching the kaibutsu turn towards them.


Miya turned her violet eyes downward and looked at her mother as Sailormars pressed her transformation pen into Miya's delicate hand. It suddenly crackled, casting a red glow over her as it turned silver with a red symbol of Mars. The other girls look on in awe as she raised it above her head. "NEO MARS POWER, MAKE-UP!!" Her stylish outfit melted, replaced by her fuku. The bodice was silver with a red skirt and collar. The bows were burgundy. In her ears she wore tiny red earrings and over her legs were shiny, thigh-high red boots. She also wore a silver tiara with a burgundy gem in it.

Sailormars detransformed when she passed her pen off and smiled wearily at her daughter. "You .... are ready .. for .. this, Sailor ... Neomars. Make ... me proud."

The other Senshi passed their pens to their daughters and detransformed. Each pen changed in a similar fashion to Sailor Neomars'. The mothers offered their daughters words of encouragement before the girls raised their pens into the air.




Sailor Neovenus' fuku consisted of a silver bodice with a gold skirt and collar. The bows and her earrings were red. In her silver tiara was a gold gem. On her feet she wore gold high heels.

Sailor Neomercury wore a fuku with a silver bodice, light blue collar and skirt with white bows and earrings. She also wore light blue dress shoes and a silver tiara with a white gem.

Sailor Neojupiter wore a fuku with a silver bodice with black bows and a green collar and skirt. She also wore short green boots and dangly black earrings. Over her forehead was a silver tiara with a green gem.

The four NeoSenshi gazed at each other a moment then ran out to face the mummy. "The NeoSenshi are here! We will not forgive you for what you have done!" Sailor Neovenus yelled. They glared at the kaibutsu, who growled back angrily. "Let's go!" she commanded. They heard their attacks in their minds then began their ruthless assault.

"MIST VEIL!!" Sailor Neomercury summoned a heavy mist around the NeoSenshi to protect them from harm.

"DAZZLING RAY!!" Sailor Neovenus shot a sparkling gold light from her fingertip at the kaibutsu, blinding it temporarily.

Sailor Neojupiter and Sailor Neomars looked at each other and grinned. "We should combine our powers. It will probably finish this mummy off!" Sailor Neomars said. "HOLY...."




Crackling fire and lightning burst forth from the two NeoSenshi and engulfed the dazed kaibutsu. It roared then slowly faded away.

"We did it!" exclaimed Sailor Neomercury.

All four turned, seeing their proud mothers smiling at them. Makoto propped Sailor Neomoon up against her, who smiled at the other NeoSenshi. "Good job. I'm glad we are all a team."

Rei looked around curiously. "Now where did that young man in the suit go?"

"Oooooh, where?" Sailor Neovenus asked excitedly.

"Who?" Everyone turned and looked at Toshiharu as he untied the ribbon around his dark hair that was keeping it in a ponytail. "Sorry I spied on you and know your secret identities. I promise to keep the secret safe though!" Everyone looked very relieved to hear that.




"I am here, my liege."

"Your kaibutsu has failed. This greatly displeases me."

"My liege, I beg your forgiveness!"

"You know that I do not tolerate failure, Akui."

Akui grimaced. "Please, King Akuma, let me try again. I will not focus on the palace this time. Those sailor Senshi guard it fervently. Please give me another chance!"

King Akuma shifted in his throne, eyeing the young female with green hair. "You are so passionate about your work. Just remember that the more you fail, the less time you have to live." With that, he stood and turned, twirling his long black cape around him as he walked away.

Akui clenched her hand into a fist. Damn, I must do something about those meddling NeoSenshi! Angrily she turned and gazed out the window. Things were not like this on Eternal Night. We were happy there. Why did we come here?

"Oh stop pouting, Akui. It does not suit someone of your beauty."

Akui whirled around. "Nikushimi..... What do you want?" she demanded.

Nikushimi grinned as he ran a hand through his wild black hair. "Oh lovely Akui. You will only fail if you continue sulking when the king scolds you. Why do you not just concentrate on those NeoSenshi instead of wasting time?" He chuckled sinisterly as he slipped into the shadows of the room.

Akui hissed then turned back to the window, glaring out. Oh that Nikushimi will pay for those insults! And as for you, Sailor Neomoon, you will NOT stop me again!


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