Usagi: Sailor Neomoon
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Usagi:  Sailor Neomoon
Eternal SailorSaturn


High above the Earth, in a floating citadel still invisible to the inhabitants below....

Akui rose from her bed and stood before her mirror. I do not look the same. All this light disrupts my senses. Oh when will we return to Eternal Night? She padded to her bureau and lifted a black bodysuit from one of the drawers. After Queen Kyûketsuki died, King Akuma just has not been himself. Conquest is all he cares about. If only the Queen had not joined up with Dead Moon and inhabited that girl Ririka....

She dressed and brushed out her hair. Ever since then, the King has been brooding...only caring about himself. I actually feel sorry for the Prince. King Akuma has neglected him ever since his wife perished. But he has been acting different lately. I wonder if this foreign planet has affected the Prince...

She gave herself a final glance in the mirror then blinked out of the room, reappearing on the roof of a skyscraper. The palace is out of the question. Perhaps.... Hmm. She gazed at Tokyo Tower and slowly grinned. That looks like a better target!

She summoned another kaibutsu that resembled a catgirl. "Neko-chan, destroy Tokyo Tower!" Akui commanded. Neko-chan purred then leapt from the rooftop and ran off down the skyline towards Tokyo Tower. "That should take care of Tokyo Tower and those meddling NeoSenshi, should they try to interfere," Akui laughed delightedly.

Unknown to Akui though, five friends were visiting Tokyo Tower that day. They reached the observation deck and looked out over the city, admiring the palace they all lived in.

"Wow! This is beautiful!" Hanami exclaimed.

"It sure is. Look how peaceful the city looks from up here," Miya agreed.

Raimeiko squinted at something in the distance. "Um, what is that?" The girls squinted as well against the bright sunlight as she raised her finger and pointed.

"It looks like a big bird to me," Usagi said.

Kasumi moved to one of the viewers and dropped the appropriate coinage into it then focused it in the direction of the mysterious thing in the sky. "That is no bird! It's a girl.... who looks like a feline. And she is headed this way!"

"Kasumi, help me clear the observation deck," Hanami instructed, receiving an affirmative nod. They turned and rushed to the other people on the deck, pointing at the kaibutsu as it drew closer. The people fled the deck and when they were certain they were alone, the girls all transformed.

Neko-chan slowed to a halt, seeing the NeoSenshi waiting for it. "Who are you!?" it cried.

"I'm glad you asked! I am the pretty, sailor-suited Senshi of love and justice, SAILOR NEOMOON!!"





Neko-chan purred sweetly at the NeoSenshi. "Get out of my way, NeoSenshi, or I will make you into cat food."

Sailor Neomoon looked appalled. "Who sent you? Why are you here?" she demanded.

"That is not of your concern. Now, get out of here or die as I destroy Tokyo Tower!"

Sailor Neomercury gasped. "Destroy Tokyo Tower?!"

"We are not going to let that happen! DAZZLING..." Sailor Neovenus began. Before she could finish her attack, the kaibutsu sliced her arm with its claws. She cried out in anguish, clutching her arm.

"Neovenus! Ooh, you'll pay for that! HOLY BLAZE!!" Sailor Neomars unleashed a stream of fire at the kaibutsu, who leapt out of its path, leaving the fire to strike the Tower, singeing the elevator doors.

"Be careful, Sailor Neomars," Sailor Neojupiter warned. "If we destroy Tokyo Tower, we are no better than this beast."


As the two had been preoccupied talking, Neko-chan reappeared behind them and raked its claws down their backs. They fell to their knees as tears spilled from Sailor Neomars' eyes, feeling the claw marks on her back burn and sting.

"Who is next?" Neko-chan asked, eyeing the NeoSenshi.

"MIST VEIL!!" Sailor Neomercury summoned a thick fog. "Now, Sailor Neomoon!"

Sailor Neomoon merely squeaked, and as the fog cleared, Sailor Neomercury saw why. Neko-chan had a hold on her, hovering its razor sharp claws near her slender throat.

"Stay back, Sailor Neomercury, or your precious Sailor Neomoon will get hurt!" Neko-chan commanded then looked at the other NeoSenshi. "You three! The same goes for you as well."

Suddenly a dagger pierced the air, sinking into Neko-chan's shoulder. The kaibutsu shrieked, and Sailor Neomoon squirmed out of its grasp. Everyone looked in the direction the dagger had come from. "Once again, I have arrived seeing a beautiful young maiden being manhandled by a kaibutsu. Why do you feel it is necessary to hurt such beauty?"

It is him! Sailor Neomoon thought excitedly. He has saved me again! How dreamy.... She looked at the other NeoSenshi, who all had hearts in their eyes as they gazed at her masked savior. "What do you guys think you are doing?! He saved ME!"

"That does not mean you're exclusive, Sailor Neomoon," Sailor Neovenus retorted, still gazing starry-eyed at the mysterious young man.

"Have you forgotten about me?!" Neko-chan demanded angrily.

"LIGHTNING STRIKE!!" Sailor Neojupiter answered with a burst of crackling lightning, jolting the kaibutsu.

"Right!" Sailor Neomoon removed her silver tiara. "NEO CRYSTAL EVAPORATION!!" She threw the tiara, striking Neko-chan in the gut. It screamed then turned into a crystalline statue before dissipating into nothingness.

"Sailor Neomercury and Sailor Neovenus, we should get Sailor Neojupiter and myself some medical attention," Sailor Neomars suggested, looking between Sailor Neomoon and the young man. She ushered the other girls into the elevator as the masked hero leapt down from the railing in the far corner to the platform.

"Who are you?" Sailor Neomoon asked, walking over to meet him.

"Just call me.... Gentleman Knight," he replied in a deep, silken voice.

"Gentleman Knight, I am in your debt! Why did you save me?"

He raised one of his large gloved hands and gently touched her cheek, making her pulse race. "I can always hear a heart with fear. Yours called out to me."

She widened her sparkling scarlet eyes. "But, Knight, you are putting yourself in danger. Let us NeoSenshi handle this new enemy. I do not want you to get hurt!" Her eyes changed from an expression of surprise to one of concern as she continued. "If you were injured, it would be on my conscience. You... You would not do that to me, would you?"

He slid his hand up to her pink bangs, softly touching them as his brilliant blue eyes admired her beauty. "To you," he whispered, "never." He lowered his hand, brushing her skin with the lace ruffles billowing out of his sleeve. "Stay strong, Sailor Neomoon. If you continue to feel fear, we will see each other again soon." He wrapped his cloak around himself and leapt up into the sky, obscured by the sunlight.

"Knight!" Sailor Neomoon touched her cheek, still feeling the tingle of his fingertips. She murmured, "I will be strong for you."


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