Usagi: Sailor Neomoon
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Usagi:  Sailor Neomoon
Eternal SailorSaturn

Usagi opened her eyes and tried to focus her vision, feeling groggy. Her arms were very tired, and the back of her head was aching. She felt cold from the dampness of the room. As her vision adjusted to the dim lighting, she heard a door open. She could hear footsteps nearing her, and she lifted her head to see who it was. The figure was tall and shrouded in shadows. "Who are you?" she asked warily.

"The prince."

"Where am I?"

"My father's citadel."

Usagi sat forward and widened her eyes. "Are you behind the attacks on Crystal Tokyo?"

"His minions are."

"What are you going to do with me?"

He did not answer.

Usagi could feel her pulse begin to race as she was slowly being overcome by fear. Her hands started shaking which rattled the chains connected to the shackles around her wrists. She shrank back against the wall as far as she could. Unconsciously, she let out a small whimper.

The prince kneeled and slipped his fingers under her chin, lifting her gaze. He moved his face into the light, and she examined him closely. He had long dark hair, blue eyes that seemed so familiar, and chiseled features. His skin was milky white; his complexion was flawless. He offered her a small smile. He is beautiful, in a gothic sort of way, she thought, blushing.

"My father insists that I am to take you as my bride, but he does not understand that I am in love with someone else." His gaze shifted away from her, and his expression saddened. "Please, do not be frightened of me. I can smell your fear, and it is not very becoming of you, Princess."

"Will you let me go?" she asked, relaxing somewhat.

He inhaled a long breath then slowly exhaled it. "Very well. Father cannot force me to marry someone who is not here, now can he?" He laughed quietly.

"I guess not," Usagi chuckled, though still feeling uneasy. What am I doing? This guy is such a creep, not matter how handsome he is. Gentleman Knight is the only man I want! she thought as her wrists were released. "Thank you," she said quietly as she rubbed her wrists.

He helped her to her feet and gazed at her for a moment. Hmm.... no, she is not nearly as charming as my love. She must be a fan though. She styles her hair the same way. He realized he was staring and quickly looked away. "Are you ready to leave, Princess?"

"Please, just call me Usagi," she answered. "What is your name?" she asked curiously.

He pulled her close as he answered. "Kurai." They phased out and reappeared on the palace grounds. He released his grip on her and bowed. "Your home, Usagi."


They looked towards the palace, startled. Waiting before them were Sailor Neomercury and Sailor Neovenus. "Princess!" Sailor Neomercury gasped. "Are you alright? Who is this man?"

Kurai backed up defensively and scanned the area. They are here! That means she is close! His heart skipped a beat. He regained his composure and bowed to the two NeoSenshi. "I am pleased to meet you ladies. I am Kurai." He flashed a charming grin. "I have never seen warriors dressed quite as flamboyantly as you both."

"Kurai saved me," Usagi added.

Sailor Neovenus beamed at Kurai. "I am Sailor Neovenus." She adjusted the ribbon around her hair and giggled sweetly.

Sailor Neomercury softly sighed and nodded. "I am Sailor Neomercury. Thank you for rescuing our princess."

Usagi blushed and looked up at the palace. "Oh my...." she gasped. The three looked in the same direction, and the two NeoSenshi widened their eyes. Standing in front of the palace were Sailor Neomars and Sailor Neojupiter. Behind them stepped Toshiharu, the mothers of the NeoSenshi, Selene, and Diana. Sailor Neomars and Sailor Neojupiter walked down to the other group and glared at Kurai.

"Are you the one who abducted our princess?" Sailor Neomars demanded as Sailor Neojupiter roughly grabbed Kurai's collar.

"No! He is okay!" Sailor Neovenus pulled Neojupiter away. "He saved her. And why aren't you two in bed?"

"We are okay now," Sailor Neomars answered, still watching Kurai suspiciously.

Laughter suddenly filled the air, and everyone looked towards the source. Nikushimi floated high above them, sneering as he laughed. When he saw Kurai, his laughter stopped abruptly. "My prince, why are you here?"

"I do not think that is your business," Sailor Neovenus said as she stepped forward. "Why are you attacking Crystal Tokyo?"

Nikushimi narrowed his eyes at the NeoSenshi before answering Sailor Neovenus with a blast of negative energy. She shrieked and leapt to the side, narrowly dodging.

Sailor Neojupiter blinked in disbelief then glared. "Why you! LIGHTNING STRIKE!!" Her jolt of electricity fizzled against an invisible barrier surrounding Nikushimi. "No way!"

"MIST VEIL!!" Sailor Neomercury summoned a thick fog and grabbed Usagi. "Run to the palace, Princess. Take Kurai with you! Go!"

Usagi nodded and reached for Kurai, but he was gone. "Kurai? Kurai!" She headed towards the palace, knowing she would need to transform. She ran inside and reached for her brooch. "NEO MOON POWER, MAKE-UP!!" Once transformed, Sailor Neomoon emerged from the palace under the cloak of Sailor Neomercury's mist.

The mist lifted, and the NeoSenshi saw that Kurai was gone. Their attention turned to Nikushimi. "Hold it right there! I am the pretty sailor-suited NeoSenshi, Sailor Neomoon! In the name of Crystal Tokyo, I will punish you!" Sailor Neomoon struck her famous pose from her days as Sailorchibimoon.

"And I am the pretty sailor-suited NeoSenshi of love and intelligence, Sailor Neomercury!" She struck a fearsome pose at Sailor Neomoon's left side.

"The pretty sailor-suited NeoSenshi of love and strength will not forgive you! I am Sailor Neojupiter!" She moved up to Sailor Neomoon's right side and got into a battle stance.

Moving to Sailor Neojupiter's right side, Sailor Neovenus winked and blew a kiss. "I am the pretty sailor-suited NeoSenshi of love and courage, Sailor Neovenus!"

"And last but certainly not least, the NeoSenshi of love and spirituality, Sailor Neomars, will punish you!" Sailor Neomars moved up beside Sailor Neomercury and summoned fire. "HOLY BLAZE!!" Her fire struck the barrier, but she continued to concentrate. Just before she was exhausted, she broke through the barrier and hit Nikushimi square in the chest.

Nikushimi flew back in shock. "You have some nerve, little girl! Just for that, you are going to pay!" He pointed down at Minako and shot a bolt of negative energy at her. Minako shrieked and stood frozen as her body absorbed the negative energy. The others around her scattered and ran back into the palace for protection. Finally, she collapsed, her eyes black and lifeless.

Sailor Neovenus watched in horror. Mom! she thought. Is she dead?

Nikushimi motioned to Minako, and she stood. "Bijin-san, come forth! Destroy the NeoSenshi!" Minako, now Bijin-san, turned towards the NeoSenshi and released a blast of electricity at them, causing them to leap in all directions to avoid it. Nikushimi cackled with glee as he disappeared.

"Why... LIGHTNING..." Sailor Neojupiter began.

Sailor Neomercury tackled Neojupiter. "We cannot attack Minako! We are going to have to keep dodging her attacks for now!" Another blast of electricity sent them rolling apart.

"NeoSenshi, I will destroy you," Bijin-san said in a flat, hollow voice. "BEAUTY'S HATE CHAIN!!" She sent out a chain of black, broken hearts and wrapped them around Sailor Neomars' ankle. Neomars cried out as she was flung into the side of the palace.

"Mom, no! Stop this!" Sailor Neovenus screamed as she ran towards her mother.

"Neovenus!" Sailor Neomoon ran after her.

"BEAUTY'S HATE CHAIN!!" Another chain shot out of Bijin-san's hand and circled around the two NeoSenshi running at her. She laughed as she reeled her catch in slowly. But a dagger snapping her chain in half abruptly cut off her laughter. "Who is there!" she demanded, looking around.

"Perhaps you were not aware, but true beauty does not have a face of evil."

"How dare you! Show yourself!" Bijin-san screeched.

Gentleman Knight moved out from behind one of the statues and helped Sailor Neomars to her feet. "Thank you," she managed quietly. She looked up and widened her eyes. "Look out!"

But her warning came too late. Bijin-san's chain lashed out and hit Gentleman Knight in the face, sending him crashing into the wall. He slumped down to the ground as his mask cracked and fell into pieces on his lap.

Sailor Neomoon gasped, staring in disbelief. "No way..."


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