Usagi: Sailor Neomoon
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Usagi:  Sailor Neomoon
Eternal SailorSaturn

Sailor Neomoon felt shocked. He's been Gentleman Knight this whole time? she asked herself incredulously. But, why? She ran to the fallen Gentleman Knight and gently shook his shoulders. "Knight! Please wake up! Are you okay?"

Gentleman Knight opened his eyes slowly and looked up at Sailor Neomoon. He tensed, not feeling his mask. "Sailor Neomoon," he murmured and lifted his hand to her face. He gently rubbed her cheek with his thumb. "I guess my secret is out."

"Knight, I asked you to not get involved. Please, go into the palace. The NeoSenshi and I will take care of this!"

He got to his feet and sighed heavily, nodding. "As you wish." He looked unsure about leaving her behind.

"Please," she pleaded. Several anguished cries quickly turned her attention back to Bijin-san and the other NeoSenshi. "Oh no!" Her comrades had fallen and she was alone with Gentleman Knight to fight Bijin-san. "What am I going to do?" she wailed. "I can't hurt Minako!"

Knight put his hand on her shoulder. "Don't give up hope yet, Sailor Neomoon. Look to your own heart." He offered her an encouraging smile then raced off into the palace.

You're right, Gentleman Knight! she thought. She closed her eyes, tuning out the insults Bijin-san was starting to spout. Looking deep into her soul, Sailor Neomoon found the power. She brought her hands up in front of her brooch and the Ginzuishou appeared. "NEO HEALTH RESTORATION!!" Pure white light shot out from the Ginzuishou and struck Bijin-san. After a few seconds of cleansing, she became Minako again.

Toshiharu rushed out of the palace and ran straight for Sailor Neojupiter. "Raimeiko," he whispered, cradling her in his arms. "Are you okay?"

Her eyes opened and she looked surprised to see him. A light blush crept onto her cheeks and she nodded. "I am. Thank you."

The other NeoSenshi were getting to their feet. Sailor Neovenus embraced her mother. Sailor Neomoon looked on, glad to see Minako back to herself then turned and went to the palace. Waiting for her was the unmasked Gentleman Knight.

"I knew you could do it," he said, smiling.

"Thank you," she replied shyly. "I couldn't have done it without you... Kurai."

Sailor Neomars smirked and crossed her arms. To Sailor Neomercury, she remarked, "Okay, so where are our guys?" She glanced upwards, having a fleeting thought of them falling out of the sky.


Elsewhere, in the flying citadel high above Crystal Tokyo...

King Akuma gazed upon Nikushimi as he reappeared in the throne room. "Nikushimi, I trust you are successful in your first mission out."

Nikushimi bowed. "My king, I assure you that I have returned with results. If I may." King Akuma waved his hand for Nikushimi to continue. "One of the inhabitants of the palace was filled with negative energy. I have a link with her right now. Something though that disturbs me is the presence of Prince Kurai on the palace grounds with the NeoSenshi."

King Akuma sat forward. "What?"

"Have you sent him out as well, my king?"

"This is news to me," King Akuma reluctantly admitted. "Where is he?"

Nikushimi glanced around the throne room. "I expected to find him here. I took him with me when I left. Hmm." Nikushimi rubbed his chin, appearing thoughtful.

"I will keep an eye on him," King Akuma promised.

"Argh!!!!" Nikushimi clutched his head and cried out in anguish. "Bijin-san! The NeoSenshi have defeated her!"

King Akuma frowned and narrowed his eyes. "Then why are you still standing here, Nikushimi? Defeat the NeoSenshi and avenge your Queen!" he roared.

Nikushimi managed to bow. "Yes, my king," he said weakly then turned and moved into the shadows of the throne room.


Back in the palace...

Sailor Neomoon stood just outside the palace with Kurai. "Why have you been doing this all for me? I thought I told you to stay safe and let the NeoSenshi handle the enemy."

Kurai brushed his hair back and offered her a charming smile. "I couldn't deny what was in my heart," he said softly. "Now that you know who I am, I might as well come clean. Ever since I first saw you, I've been in love with you."

Sailor Neomoon felt her heart suddenly stop. He's in love with me?! No way! I've been in love with Gentleman Knight, but who knew he was Kurai? Should I reveal my secret to him? After a few moments of silence during which she debated showing him who she really was, she finally murmured, "That is so beautiful, Kurai. I have something to tell you too. Come inside with me." She gently grasped his hand and led him into the palace. Finding an empty room, she ushered him inside then closed the door behind them.

"Sailor Neomoon, what is it you have to tell me?" he asked, watching her with caring eyes.

She inhaled a long deep breath then said, "This." She detransformed, standing before him in her royal gown, which surprised even her. I don't remember wearing this before I transformed. How odd. "I'm Usagi, and I've been in love with you as Gentleman Knight."

He continued to drink her in with his stunning blue eyes then a smile upturned the corners of his lips. "Usagi," he whispered, stepping closer to her. His hand found its way into her hair as he continued, "You mean the one I love was in my father's dungeon?"

She nodded and stared up at Kurai, mesmerized by everything about him.

"I promise you that I will have my father cease the attacks on Crystal Tokyo. Although he was right about something; I do wish to take you as my bride. When you are ready, of course." He grinned, very much like a rogue.

Me - married to a handsome prince? Someone better not wake me up if this is a dream! "Kurai, that is wonderful! I don't wish to be at war with your people. Please, have a conference with my parents. It's important that we know how this war started so it can be rectified."

"I shall, but I must return to the citadel and speak to my father. Can you wait that long?"

"I can. Be careful."

He said nothing more. His eyes locked onto hers then slowly their lips found each other's. The hand he had in her hair undid her rabbit odangos, letting her hair tumble down her back in waves of pink. Usagi curled her arms around him, melting into his warm embrace. When finally they did part, they had loved a lifetime in a short kiss.

Her hand went to her lips. Sure, she had been kissed before - as Black Lady she had shared quite a passionate kiss with her future father then later with Helios, but never anything with so much feeling before. She knew then that their souls were twined, and she couldn't envision herself with anyone else.

"I will return," Kurai whispered then blinked from the room.

"Kurai," she murmured dreamily. Was this what it was like for Mother and Father? she thought.


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