Usagi: Sailor Neomoon
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Usagi:  Sailor Neomoon
Eternal SailorSaturn

"Where do you think we should take them?" Kumo asked after Kurai disappeared. Her hand motioned to the girls native to Earth.

Shihaisha sighed heavily with an obvious tone of annoyance. "We will take them to my place." She ran her hand through her long dark blue bangs, smoothing them away from her face. "Follow me," she ordered and turned on her heel. Either out of habit or fear, the other Dragon Senshi followed.

Usagi blinked. "She is so bossy," Kasumi whispered to her. Usagi nodded in agreement then started walking after them. Her friends stayed by her side, which made them miss out on the wry smirk Hakai wore.

Now that is how a Senshi should act, Hakai thought, feeling amused. We should be no-nonsense instead of fawning over the opposite sex and neglecting our duties to our home and princess.

Once back in the main city, Usagi caught up to Otome and asked, "What is this city's name?"

The white-haired girl smiled and replied, "Eclipse." She leaned in a little closer to the princess and whispered, "Do not mind Aisha. She is used to getting her way... not to mention that she was promised to marry Prince Kurai if he did not find a bride within a year's time."

Usagi widened her sparkling red eyes. "Are you serious?" she whispered incredulously.

Brushing one of her braids off her shoulder, Otome nodded. "Of course I am. I would not joke about such a serious matter. She always said that she was not serious about it and would do it just because it was her duty. Looks like she cares more than she was letting on, do you not agree?" A soft giggle escaped the petite girl.

Usagi forced a smile and fell back with her friends. Her head hung a little bit, and she stared at the grungy street as they continued walking. Shihaisha was to marry Kurai? Why did he not mention it to me? No wonder she is so hostile towards me. She broke from her thoughts as she felt an arm wrap around her shoulder. Her eyes met Raimeiko's, and she smiled warmly. "Thanks."

"You look down, Usagi." Raimeiko squeezed her princess' shoulder gently. "We are here for you, you realize. Kurai will be back, and we will return home. You will see." She winked, beaming with confidence. Next to her, Miya nodded her agreement.

"Thank you," Usagi repeated. She felt better and happily smiled for her good friends.

The Dragon Senshi stopped in front of a large building covered in moss. "We are here," Chi announced, looking back over her shoulder at the other girls. "This is Aisha's place." The collective group went inside to get out of the light drizzle. The interior was similarly gloomy. The hardwood floor creaked and groaned in protest to being walked on by the girls, but it seemed structurally sound. The walls were painted azure, and the furniture matched the rest of the room and appeared to be in good condition.

"Why do you not show them the observatory?" Shihaisha suggested. The words sounded odd coming out of her mouth. She actually asked her friends to do something instead of ordering them. However, it did not last long. "Usagi, come with me."

Usagi followed Shihaisha as the others moved to a staircase in the corner. The taller blue-eyed girl moved back into what looked like a kitchen then down a small staircase made of wrought iron. They descended the spiral stairs into darkness. The princess' pace slowed to a stop once she could not see any longer. She heard a match being struck before seeing a lantern being lit. A large, heavy iron door with no distinguishing features was closed before the pair. The lantern was thrust into her hands without a word from Shihaisha. Her hostess then proceeded to tug on the door, opening it slowly.

"Come on," Shihaisha insisted, moving into the room beyond once the door opened.

Frowning, Usagi walked into the room also. She could feel butterflies acting up in her gut, and she found herself wondering why she was so apprehensive. Kurai trusts her so I should trust her too. Stop being silly. This is not scary.

The duo's footsteps echoed loudly throughout the room until they came to a stop several yards inside the large room. Hovering several inches above the floor was a globe of darkness with crackling purple electricity moving throughout it. Shihaisha turned and focused her dark blue eyes on Usagi. "I discovered this in my basement a long time ago. I have been living alone ever since my parents walked into it." Swiftly, she stepped close, getting in Usagi's astonished face. "You are not going to come between me and my destiny, interloper," she hissed. "Say hello to my time/space distortion." She grabbed Usagi's shoulders, digging her fingertips roughly into the girl's soft skin then threw her at the globe. Usagi let out a scream just as she was sucked in.

Upstairs, Hanami asked, "What was that?"

Sasayaki spread her hands and shrugged helplessly. "Around here, it is not uncommon to hear someone scream. Welcome to Eternal Night, Earthlings."


Screaming, Usagi flopped onto marble floor hard enough to knock the wind out of herself. She felt like she had just been run through the rinse cycle five times in merely ten seconds. Despite the amount of times she traveled through time, it never felt like that. She coughed and sat up slowly, rubbing her chest. Around her she observed the pristine marble floor flecked with hints of gold and silver. The air seemed cold and a faint fragrance of lilacs passed her nose.

The princess climbed to her feet and quietly maneuvered through the halls. I feel like I know where I am going, she thought. It seems like I have been here before. She slowed her pace as she passed through a grand archway; the double doors were propped open on either side. Her breath caught in her throat as she gazed at a woman standing by a huge picture window with a view of the stars. The woman had pale violet-red hair braided and twirled into buns on either side of her head, and trailing down her back and well onto the floor behind her was another braid, only of black hair. She wore a floor length silver gown with golden highlights that hugged her curves. A huge gold bow that seemed to nearly resemble wings adored the back of the woman's gown. As she studied the woman, Usagi heard soft crying coming from her direction. She bit her lip then made her presence known. "Excuse me..."

The woman turned her head slightly, looking at the reflection in the glass. She dried her eyes then turned completely to face Usagi's direction. "Who are you?" she asked in a gentle voice.

Usagi bowed. "Usagi Tsukino, Princess Serenity of Crystal Tokyo. I am so -"

"Usagi Tsukino?" The woman interrupted. She walked closer, and Usagi could see a golden crescent moon on her forehead. "Crystal Tokyo?" the woman continued, sounding curiously surprised.

"Y-yes, that is where I am from. Who... Who are you?" Usagi stared at the mysterious, slightly shorter woman. She is so beautiful, she thought.

The woman reached out and lightly touched one of Usagi's odangos then slid her hand down the pink pigtail. "I was afraid you were a hallucination of my mind," she whispered. She looked downwards, focusing her eyes on the gold crescent moon pin adorning the front of her gown. She let out a sigh, and when her head lifted, she wore a bright, happy smile. "My name is Unmei Gingano or if you prefer, Eien no Queen Serenity."

A gasp escaped Usagi, and her eyes nearly bugged out of her head. Eien no Queen Serenity?! Where am I?

Seeing the shocked expression on the young princess' face, Unmei quietly chuckled. "I see nothing about you has changed. How about we sit down and catch up? I have been so lonely here by myself." She reached for Usagi's hand and led her back into the hall.

"Wait, you know me? I am sorry. This is all so confusing." Usagi frowned and glanced at the woman. I do not get it. Who IS she? She is definitely one of the royal line, but where am I? Is this the past again? The future?

Eien no Queen Serenity glanced at Usagi. Her blue eyes ringed in red observed all the details about her, especially the confused look on the girl's face. She pulled ahead a few steps to open a door and said, "Please go in." She followed her guest into the elaborately decorated sitting room. Large comfortable chairs were spaced throughout the room, and all of the furniture appeared to be crystals with white padding. Unmei sat down first before motioning for Usagi to sit as well. "Where should I begin?"

Usagi found a chair across from Unmei and crossed her legs at the ankle. "Why are you here all alone? That seems like a good place to start."

Unmei's eyes clouded momentarily. "Very well. I was not always alone here, you see. It happened many years ago..." Her voice trailed off, and she propped her chin up in the palm of her hand. With a thoughtful expression on her face, she continued. "Chaos returned from its long sleep. Sailorpluto hid me away near the Gate and handed me a key. She said that when I felt the warmth of a new Senshi being born, I could leave. I do not know the amount of time I lived there. I know that I was only seven then. I estimate my age to be early twenties now." Her gaze rested on Usagi, who appeared to be hanging on her every word. "I finally used the key and left when I felt the warmth. I was greeted by Sailorcosmos."

"Sailorcosmos!" Usagi nearly jumped from her chair. That means this IS the future!

"You know of Sailorcosmos?" Unmei's head inclined slightly. "Curious. Anyhow, she proclaimed me to be Eien no Queen Serenity and told me that she would protect me. She moved me from the ruins of my home, and I have lived here on the moon since. My parents, my friends, everyone I knew was killed by Chaos. Sailorcosmos told me she was going to change the past and disappeared. I have been alone in this palace for months."

A look of compassion appeared on Usagi's face. She reached out and touched Unmei's knee. "I am so sorry," she murmured.

Unmei's hand covered Usagi's, and the look of sadness on her face melted away. "You still look out for me, even when you do not know who I am. Despite the short time we had together, you are still a shining star in my heart."

"Who -"

"Shhh." Unmei lifted her hand and touched Usagi's lips. "Please allow me time to enjoy this moment," she murmured. Usagi nodded behind the finger and after many minutes of staring at the red-eyed girl, the Queen finally spoke once more. "I do not know how you ended up here, but I have the chance now to say to you what I did not get to say before. I love you." The confused look was beginning to form on Usagi's face again, and Unmei quickly repeated, "I love you, Mother."

Confusion turned to shock. Mother? A blush arose in Usagi's cheeks. "I am your mother? Are you sure? Who is your father? What happened to the NeoSenshi?" Questions poured from the youth's mouth, jumbling into one long sentence.

Unmei laughed and stood. She smoothed out her dress and moved off towards a small cabinet in the room. "You know in your heart who my father is. The NeoSenshi, however... I do not think it is a good idea to reveal anything else about your future. You will experience it all in your own time." She opened the cabinet and withdrew a bottle of red wine. More to herself, she offered, "One day, I will rebuild my home, and I will be a true queen. That is my dream. I grow weary of being alone and protecting crystals."

"Crystals?" Usagi inquired as the queen poured herself a glass of wine.

Eien no Queen Serenity nodded and sipped her wine. She smiled, remarking, "Ahh, it tastes good. I was saving it for a good occasion, and what better occasion is there than this?" She set her glass down and removed the crescent moon pin from her chest. Balancing the pin on her fingers, she unhooked a tiny latch and flipped it open. Three crystals hovered into the air from the pin.

The Ginsuishô! Usagi thought, staring wide-eyed at the silver crystal. Her attention moved to the golden crystal. And that is Father's Kinsuishô! The last crystal was dark and glittery, and when Usagi's gaze saw it, she almost fainted. "The Kuraisuishô?! Then -"

"Shhh," Unmei interrupted. The three crystals circled the queen in a radius of about a foot from her. The crystals stopped spinning and the Ginsuishô and Kinsuishô hovered in front of the woman about even with her neck while the Kuraisuishô was barely visible behind her. A beam of light stretched outward from each crystal until it they struck each other, forming a triangle around her. "Yes, I have all three of these crystals. I was the heir to each. You may take that as you will, Mother. Some things are better left unsaid."

Usagi watched in amazement as the light disappeared and the three crystals came together for an instant before being swallowed by the pin. Unmei closed it and affixed it to the front of her gown again as the princess thought, There is no mistaking it. She is Kurai's daughter. Then he and I WILL be together! Shihaisha's plan to separate us has not worked which means there is some way I can get back to my normal time. "Unmei," she said aloud. "You realize I cannot stay, do you not? I am not meant to be here. If I never return to my time, then you can never be born, right?"

The Queen flinched with a brief look of pain in her eyes. "You are correct," she murmured reluctantly. She picked up her wine and gulped it, not bothering to savour it this time with a sip. "I have something to give you." She moved out of the room without waiting for Usagi to get up.

Hurriedly, Usagi stood and gave chase to Unmei. She was careful to not step on the woman's long hair as she fell in step at her side. "I understand the pain of loneliness, Unmei. Believe me, I do. The future, though, is something you can shape with your own hands. I promise you that when the next time we meet, we will have many, many more years together."

Unmei blinked and stared sidelong at her companion. Slowly, a smile appeared on her lips and she nodded. "I will remember that." She motioned to a door and pulled it open before stepping inside. The room appeared to be a bedchamber filled with more of the clear furniture. She stopped before a large chest at the foot of the bed and opened it. Her hands disappeared inside for a moment before she retrieved a silver rod topped with a golden crescent moon. "Take this - a gift from me to you."

Before Usagi could protest, the rod was thrust into her hands. "I do not know what to say," she whispered. "It is beautiful. What is its name?"

"The Royal Crescent Moon Rod. It belonged to my mother when she was Super Sailor Neomoon," the Queen answered with a look of pride on her face.

Usagi's eyes widened. Was this destiny for me to come here? she wondered. Her red eyes moved from the item to Unmei. "Thank you," she said, grateful. She lifted her arms and hugged the older woman. "You will always be with me, Unmei."

Tears formed in the corners of Unmei's eyes. "You will always be with me too," she replied in a soft voice. She never wanted to release her mother from her grasp. She loved her and missed her terribly. Slowly, she pushed the pink-headed girl away. "Take this key also. You will be able to return to your time." She pressed the key into Usagi's hand.

"This is one of Sailorpluto's keys!" Usagi exclaimed. Receiving a nod of agreement from Unmei, she smiled. "I cannot thank you enough. One day, we will be reunited. Please do not be lonely anymore. We will change our destinies together."

A quiet laugh escaped the queen. "Go now. I have the strength to carry on until Sailorcosmos returns."

Usagi locked her gaze on Unmei's eyes for a minute then turned and moved out to the hall. Lifting the key into the air, she commanded, "Gates of Time, open to me and grant me passage!" A circle of magenta light surrounded her then she disappeared.


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