Usagi: Sailor Neomoon
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Usagi:  Sailor Neomoon
Eternal SailorSaturn

My name is Raimeiko. I am not really an average girl for my age. My mother is Makoto - she used to be Sailorjupiter before she transferred her power to me. Now, I am Sailor Neojupiter!

My mother was strong, tall, and athletic when she was my age. But she was always striving to be more feminine - wearing dresses, liking the colour pink, cooking, and cleaning. That never made sense to me. Well, unlike her, I have embraced my natural aptitude for sports. It is great to be athletic and healthy! My dream is to be a coach one-day so I can help others stay fit and enjoy their favourite sport just like me.

Sure, I may not attract men like that, but it is okay. Also unlike my mother, I am not boy-crazy. I am not going to deny liking them, but I do not go starry-eyed when I see one on the street! That is more for Miya and Hanami. Okay, okay, I will admit that I did give Gentleman Knight the eye, but if he and my princess love each other, I should not interfere.

So, a little more about myself - I can eat anything, especially if my mother cooked it! Sukiyaki is probably my favourite though. I love black and green - green again came from the overabundance of green clothing my mother owned. I am taller than my friends and my mother even - approximately 5'7".


Toshiharu's voice startled me as we walked towards a park overlooking a lake. "W-what is it?" I asked. Oh, yes, I nearly forgot Toshiharu! He has been my good friend for a long time. His parents adopted him as a newborn, and he is a couple years older than I am. His mother, Michiru, was Sailorneptune, and his "papa" was Sailoruranus. Now, though, I wonder if their powers are still active as they do not have blood children to pass them to. Anyhow, he is athletic like Haruka but refined like Michiru. I prefer his company to all of the other NeoSenshi just because we have more in common.

"I... well, I got some advice from Hanami-"

"Hold it." My hand shot up to stop him. "Advice from Hanami is not a smart thing, you realize. She may be the NeoSenshi leader, but she is a little flaky."

Toshiharu grimaced and concurred with a nod. "I think her heart is in the right place however. She would not purposely lead me astray..." I had to agree there, and I motioned for him to continue. "Besides, I could not ask my mama. So I asked Hanami for advice because... well..."

I had never known Toshiharu to be at a loss for words so I again stopped him. We were in the park, and I surveyed the secluded spot we were standing in. "Hey, we are alone here. Just say what is on your mind, will ya?"

"All right." He dropped to one knee in front of me, and my heart started to pound. Holy cow! He is going to propose to me! I thought. It was a little scary, and at the same time exhilarating. He reached out and took my hand, bringing it to his lips. A light kiss brushed on my knuckles before he released my hand. My heart skipped a beat. What WAS this feeling?

"Raimeiko," he murmured as he stood again. He looked down at me, into my eyes - into my soul. "There is more to me than just your athletic friend. There is the side my mama taught me..." He paused to move closer and rest his forehead against mine. "...A side I would like to show you if you would allow me to."

I was not sure how to respond. He was right though. I had refused to ever recognize him as more than just my companion for running and playing sports with. I knew, in my heart, that I wanted more. "Toshiharu, I would be thrilled to see this side of you," I whispered back to him after giving it some thought.

He looked relieved and scooped me up into his arms, spinning me around. I could not help but laugh, and he started laughing too. What a happy scene it was - one that I wished would last forever. Unfortunately, it could not as a kaibutsu appeared. Toshiharu stopped spinning me, and we stared in surprise.

This kaibutsu was a zombie-like person who hardly seemed to be in charge of his motions. I stared, shocked. This enemy fights dirty, I thought angrily. How dare they interrupt my special moment with Toshiharu. I stepped in front of Toshiharu and ordered him behind me then I pulled out my transformation pen.


As Sailor Neojupiter, I took a fighting stance. "The NeoSenshi of love and strength, Sailor Neojupiter, will not forgive you for interrupting my private time. Brace yourself!" I channeled my anger into my attack before the zombie ever got to act.


My attack changed. Instead of calling lightning, it turned into an electrical snake that curled around the zombie and sunk its fangs into it. As the viper disappeared, so did the zombie. A transparent being stepped out of the body it was using as a host before floating off into the sky.

"What on Earth was that?" Toshiharu asked as he quickly moved forward to examine the body left behind. He jumped back as it turned to a puddle of clay. "Woah! Better bring some of this back to be analyzed."

I agreed and watched him scoop up the goo into a discarded cup that was on the ground. As he worked, I detransformed. "Toshiharu, I hope next time I will get to see this other side of you."

He turned, standing, and smiled warmly. "You will. As for now, I love seeing the other side of you." Then he winked.

That's right, I am Sailor Neojupiter. I will keep protecting those I care about! I won't give up!


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